What is the importance of the leather helmet that covers the falcon’s head?

What is the importance of the leather helmet that covers the falcon’s head?

Arabs have been known from ancient times for their love to domesticate wild animals for hunting. One of the most famous domesticated by the Arabs, especially in the region of the Arabian Peninsula, is the falcon bird, known for its large size, bravery, and pride itself.

Falcon hunting was not limited to its use in hunting only, as time progressed and the means of gathering food changed, as food became available in abundance and there was no need to use animals for hunting and providing food, but the domestication of falcons continued, and those raising falcons were known as “falcon”.
There are sports and social events held in honor of the falcons and their owners, such as the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, where falconers display their skills in taming the falcons, adapting them and training them in hunting.

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And if you are interested in attending these festivals, or have previously seen a falcon accompanied by a falcon, then you may have noticed the falcon’s eagerness to cover the falcon’s head with a piece of leather that is very similar to the helmet in its shape, in which the falcon’s eyes are covered. This piece of leather, although small, is extremely important for falcon and falcon alike.

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“Falcon Patch” is what is known by this piece of leather that is placed on top of any falcon that is hunted in order to tame and train it. This burqa ensures that the bird maintains his calmness and is easy to approach and deal with, without any kind of resistance being exposed, which could harm him or him in a surprise attack.

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The falcon must choose the appropriate patch for the head of the bird so that it is not narrow and learn the true falcon, which is usually not desired in birds. And if the burqa is wide and can see the bird through it, it learns the continuous flickering and causes the bird’s dismay and fear, which may make it difficult to train and become very difficult to control.

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