14 Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

14 Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

Google map is probably the most practical and fascinating tool for obtaining geographic information. During our virtual walks around the globe, we can also come across funny things and make surprising discoveries. With a detective talent and a great imagination,we can even spend wonderful moments elucidating “mysteries”.

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we gathered for you a series of amazing things found on Google maps. They have been spotted by users like you. Some of them can be explained, but others remain a mystery.


# 14. Coca-Cola in the mountains of Chile

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

The largest Coca-Cola logo was created on a mountain near Arica City, Chile. Developed in 1986, for the 100th anniversary of the brand, it is composed of 70,000 bottles of Coca-Cola.

# 13. A giant crab

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps
Weird Discoveries on Google Maps
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# 12. A strange pyramid in the middle of Antarctica

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps
This pyramid raises many questions: hidden in the middle of the snow of Antarctica, and having a strange relief, would it be the legacy of an ancient civilization? Proponents of this theory believe that this is the reason why it caught the attention of the Third Reich.
Other people are convinced that this mysterious pyramid is a proof of the existence of Atlantis.


# 11. A boat between the skyscrapers

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

It looks like the captain of this boat went crazy and got lost in the land. This luxury ship was installed in this place about 20 years ago. He impresses people,especially at night when it lights up with its unique lighting. In reality, it is a commercial center in Hong Kong.

# 10. Giant imprint

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

This labyrinth labyrinth, which looks like a giant footprint, is found on the territory of Conholt Park, a small village near Hampshire County.
It is considered the largest labyrinth in England with its course of 115 meters.


# 9. Gulliver, tied on the roof terrace of a building

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

It is undoubtedly the most curious children’s park in the world, and it is located in Valencia in Spain: children jump and run around this captured Gulliver.
The place has become a real amusement park; the character is home to slides, climbing nets, secret passages and a huge bench for parents under his hat.


# 8. Revenge against an unpleasant neighbor

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

The relationship between these two neighbors was tense in 2009.
Each of them was thinking of a way to thwart his enemy, until one of them wrote in his field the word “asshole” (“fool”) accompanied by an arrow pointing to the neighbor’s house.


# 7. Giant alien cat

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

This strange picture is at least 9000 years old. According to one theory, it is a divine cat,a guest from another world. It is in the driest place on the planet: in the Atacama Desert, where it has not rained since human beings learned to write.

# 6. A gigantic collection of aircraft of different times

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

Civil and war gear, new or old,all these planes are near Belgrade airport at the aeronautical museum. The public can get up close, see all the details of the planes: here are more than 200 aircraft, including the remnants of the American fighter planes “Stealth” and “F-16 Fighting Falcon”.

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# 5. Salt factory that looks like a work of art
Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

It is a small village in Niger where no more than 50 families live. They are all dedicated to the same thing: extracting salt. Each tray is filled with water with clay containing salt. After standing, the salt water is filtered and, following an evaporation process, the salt crystals are recovered.

# 4.Turkish giant flag in Cyprus

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

This Turkish flag is located in northern Cyprus and extends for half a kilometer. Beside this one can read the sentence pronounced by the first Turkish president during the tenth celebration of the day of the Turkish Republic: “Happy the one who can say himself Turkish!”.

# 3. Spatialship

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps
Looks like a real spaceship has landed in Texas. In fact, it is a local attraction: the house of the Future, whose design was realized by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1960. These houses were popular a long time ago; now there are no more than 30 in the world.

# 2.What separates Antarctica from South America

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

Here is a photo of our planet that has created many debates. Some think it’s a meteorite footprint, one that separated these two continents. Look at the strange situation of the islands along this footprint: it is possible that this theory has some truth

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# 1. A character who salutes with his hand in Australia

Weird Discoveries on Google Maps

This funny cubic boy in the Australian city of Gold Coast in Australia is also seen from space. In reality, it is a floating pontoon for children, which is part of a small leisure park on the coast.


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14 Weird Discoveries on Google Maps


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