12 Useful Objects That You Will Want to Buy Now

12 Useful Objects That You Will Want to Buy Now

Recently, more and more strange objects appear on the market, whereas before, they existed only in our wildest dreams. Some are still in the design phase, others have a prototype that works and finally, some are already available for sale.
We looked for the latest novelties and among them we had some surprises: a robot-nanny, a glass of water that turns into the drink you want, a cone-shaped computer mouse and other inventions which will seem to you both interesting and unusual.


12 Useful Objects That You Will Want to Buy Now

The baby monitor of our time no longer surprises anyone, but what do you think of this robot-nanny? This great device is able to capture the baby’s crying, inform parents and until they arrive to the rescue,the device will try to calm the child with music or telling a story.

In addition, this robot is able to recognize faces, purify the air, control room temperature and even send parents photos or videos of the child on their mobile devices.
The “nanny” takes care of herself and the child can use it to learn to walk or move.


Smart headphones

12 Useful Objects That You Will Want to Buy Now

The Sony brand smart earphones are different from others because they do not block the ear canal,This allows the user to simultaneously listen to the music and sounds around him. You will also be able to know the latest information, the weather and receive or send text messages.


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Speakers in the shape of bulldogs

12 Useful Objects That You Will Want to Buy Now

These wireless speakers are cheap although very beautiful and powerful. They will find their place in any home and will make the perfect gift for those who love music and dogs. Fun fact: they come with a bone-shaped remote control.


A robot cat for single people

12 Useful Objects That You Will Want to Buy Now

Another nice robot that is not only for the little ones, but also for adults and people who suffer from loneliness. A cat called Fribo helps her owner to communicate more often with relatives or friends,using a special cat. For example, if you touch the table next to the robot twice, it will immediately send a message to a friend asking what he is doing.


Cone-shaped computer mouse

According to the Korean industrial designer, Inyeop Bae,Creator of this conical mouse, its unusual shape avoids the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, because during its use the human hand maintains its natural position. Regarding its other aspects, it has little difference with other devices of this type,even if it will take time for you to get used to it.

Motorcycle simulator in virtual reality

This simulator is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and other devices that use Windows. According to the Spanish company that developed this device,it offers sensations very similar to those of a motorcycle rider, but at the same time, it was created in such a way that it is impossible to fall.

Popcorn machine in the shape of Death Star

This machine will be an unforgettable gift for a Star Wars fan, the only difference is that this Death Star is not going to destroy the planet, it just popcorn. And if you’re not a fan of that,the manufacturer offers other alternatives that will delight the fans of the famous film saga.


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Stand for cooling beers

This holder refreshes beverages 6 times faster than a refrigerator and it maintains the temperature chosen all day long.
The dimensions of this cooler are suitable for most bottles and cans. It is also possible to freeze the liquid directly into the container provided with the device.

Toilet paper shelf with storage space for books and magazines

It’s not a secret,many people like to read, surf the Internet or play on the smartphone when they go for a walk around the corner. But often, they have a problem: where to put all these things after achieving his small commission? This is why this shelf was invented, it allows to put the phone, magazines,toilet paper, a scent and other essentials.

Tool for trimming the beard

Men like to have an impeccable beard, but they do not always have time to go to the barber. So dear readers, we recommend you take a look at this tool that allows you to prune your beard easily and economically.
It allows to choose different lengths and shapes, while avoiding to make a mistake.


Compact cabin suitcase with charger for electronics

This case is made of ultra-light waterproof material and contains a compartment for a portable computer,a pocket for magazines, a bag for the toiletry bag and a bag for storing clothes. Its small dimensions will allow you to bring it with you as a cabin suitcase. In addition, it is equipped with an external battery for two devices, which is recharged thanks to the rotation of the wheels.

A glass that turns water into a drink

Virtual reality is also present in cocktails: now it is possible to turn water into wine, or any drink. To be more precise, the device creates an illusion of transformation in a very realistic way,
despite the fact that the liquid in the glass of the device does not change its chemical composition.


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