7 Things You Do Not Know About Mexico

7 Things You Do Not Know About Mexico

Things You Do Not Know About Mexico


Mexico is a global and diverse cultural gem. Mexico has many things that distinguish it from other countries. Here are seven facts you have never heard before about Mexico:


1-Mexico City was built on a dried lake: as in Venice and Bangkok, Mexico City was built on water 700 years ago by the Spanish who dried Lake Texcoco in the 17th century and since then the city has expanded to include the dehydrated lake.

2-You can eat all types of reptiles and insects: Mexico has the largest number of edible insects in the world, local people use insects as a kind of sweeteners and appetizers, and these insects, “Iskamol (ants), beetles, cockroaches, scorpions and wills.


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3-The discovery of chocolate: Central American people discovered chocolate in Mexico, chocolate was a sweet drink at the time.

4. Mexico is not the full name of this country: Mexico’s full name is Los Estados Unidose Mexicanos – the capital was also called the Mexican-Tenochtitlan – but after its destruction during the Spanish invasion it was rebuilt and renamed Mexico City.

5. Mexico contains 285 spoken languages ​​within its borders, but Spanish is the most common language spoken by about 90% of the population. The remaining 10% includes different languages ​​such as Nahuatl, Miketko, Chipelo and German.


6-Children do not receive gifts on Dec. 25: Mexican children receive Christmas gifts on January 6 instead of Dec. 25 to celebrate the arrival of the three wise men.

7-Mexico has more museums than New York and Paris: Mexico has a diverse mix of museums and art galleries throughout the country. Mexico has more than 350 museums and art galleries. Its most famous is the architectural wonder of Musio Somaya, which houses the works of Dali, Rodin, Monet, In addition to the Del Juguet Museum, the Museum of Games, a huge museum of more than 20,000 games,


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