11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos


We live surrounded by world-famous brand logos; we find them in advertisements on the way to work, on television, on our T-shirts … In 90% of the cases, we have no idea what lies behind these abstract lines.then we decided to reveal what they were hiding.



11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

The architect of the first McDonald’s restaurants thought of installing two huge golden arches on the buildings. These have become the symbol of this fast food chain. Later, the company wanted to get rid of this logo but the psychologist Louis Cheskin made her change her mind.
He argued that this symbol was reminiscent of a woman’s “inverted bust”, reminding people of their carefree childhood.




11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos
11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

This logo has a special and very romantic story. It was designed by Coco Chanel herself, while she was at the Château Crémat in Nice. According to legend,it was inspired by the shapes of the arches of the castle and designed the logo that became famous around the world. These letters are not only the initials of the castle, but also those of Coco.




11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

Three main colors appear in the Google logo: red, yellow and blue.
It can be noted that these colors are ordered according to a certain algorithm. But the logic is broken with the green letter, supposed to be the main letter of the word. Using this unexpected design, graphic designers subtly indicate that Google breaks with stereotypes and does not play according to the usual rules.


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11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos


At first glance, it seems that the Gillette logo is just the name of the brand. But if you look closely, you will see that the edges of letters G and I accurately reproduce the shape of the blades of these famous razors.




11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

At the base of this logo we find the emblem of the Iwasaki family,who created the company Mitsubishi. It represents three diamonds nested within each other. All three diamonds symbolize safety, integrity and success, while red indicates confidence. Moreover, the belief in Japan wants this color to help attract customers.




11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

Goodwill is a world-renowned not-for-profit organization that collects food, clothing and necessities for people in need. Employees of the organization believe that acts of kindness must be performed every day and not only on certain fixed dates.
It is precisely for this reason that its logo puts in close-up the letter G, which identifies with a happy face.


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11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos


The majority of people do not notice at first sight the arrow hidden between the letters E and X, but for those who see it, it is she who stands out first in the logo. According to the idea of ​​the designers,
it is precisely this one which must play in the subconscious of the customers, symbolize the speed and inspire confidence in this service of delivery.




11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos
11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos


To realize the design of this logo, the student Carolyn Davidson was paid only 35 dollars in 1975. It is difficult to guess,
but the logo represents the wing of the Greek goddess Nike, who personifies Victory.



11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

For the Day of the Dead in Mexico, Pepsi distributed its bottles with its logo written backwards. If many people thought it was a mistake of production, others understood the ingenious idea: in this sense,the logo reads “isded”, which is very similar to “is dead”, ie “is dead”.

The Tour de France

11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

If you have seen the Tour de France logo hundreds of times, you may have never noticed that the image hides a cyclist. Look carefully: the letter R is the body and the sun the wheel.


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11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos
Durex is an abbreviation for “Durable”, “Reliable” and “Excellence”. All that is expected of a condom no?

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11 Symbols Hidden In Famous Logos

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