10 Strange Things In this World That Still Without Explanation

10 Strange Things In this World That Still Without Explanation

The history of our planet is filled with incredible mysteries, and a life would not be enough to solve them all – nor even one, to tell the truth! But gives you the opportunity to play little mice and take a look through the lock of this world full of secrets. Look …


1. Moa giant bird

Strange Things In this World That Still Without Explanation

The Moa was a kind of giant non-flying bird that lived in New Zealand. It died out in the 14th century (according to a scientific theory), probably because of Maori aborigines. What is amazing is that a Moa paw was found recently, during an expedition, and it was very well preserved


2. The Inca Fortress of Sacsayhuaman (Peru)

Strange Things In this World That Still Without Explanation

This fortress on three levels surprises for its impeccable construction, without a drop of cement (or other binder). Some stones are so well embedded between them that even a sheet would not pass.


3. Sun Gate, Bolivia

Strange Things In this World That Still Without Explanation

The Sun Gate is located in Tiwanaku, an ancient and mysterious city. Some scientists believe that it was the center of a great empire during the first millennium of our era. We still do not know the meaning of the engraved drawings on this door,but they would obviously have a great astrological and astronomical value.


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4. Longyou Cave – China

Apparently, these caves are 2000 years old, and they are the largest structures dug by man. Yet they also represent an authentic mystery that researchers have not been able to elucidate until today. Archaeologists, engineers,architects and geologists from all over the world have tried to find out how, by whom and why they were built, unsuccessfully until now.


5. The Obelisk of Luxor, Egypt

Strange Things In this World That Still Without Explanation

The obelisk began to be cut directly into the rock, but shortly thereafter, cracks appeared on its surface. That’s the reason he was left there. Its large size astonishes visitors.


6. The submerged city of Yonaguni, Japan

This place was accidentally discovered by diving instructor Khachiro Arataki. This underwater city challenges many scientific theories. The rock in which it was cut was immersed in water 10,000 years ago, that is,well before the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. According to the theories made before the discovery of Yonaguni, at that time people lived in caves and their food was still very primitive, and that does not correspond to the construction of a stone city of this kind.


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7. Mohenjo-Daro (City of the Dead), Pakistan

The destruction of this city has been a mystery for archaeologists for several decades. In 1992, Indian archaeologist R. Banardzhi found these ancient ruins on the coast of the Indo River. But the reasons and the way in which this city and its inhabitants were destroyed remain intact.


8. Old Town of Anse in Meadows, Canada

These remains of buildings are attributed to the Vikings, around 1000 years ago. His existence testifies to their arrival in North America long before the birth of Christopher Columbus. These are the oldest traces of the European presence in North America.


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9. The tunnels of the Stone Age

The discovery of a large network of underground tunnels (which has spread all over Europe, from Scotland to Turkey) seems to mean that people who lived during the Stone Age did not pass only their days to hunt and gather.
Although the true purpose of these tunnels remains completely unknown, some researchers believe that they could be used to protect individuals from predators, while others claim that this underground system allowed people to travel long distances, thus protecting them from damage. bad weather and war.


10. The giant stone balls of Costa Rica

They were discovered in the 1930s by workers who pruned trees to establish a banana plantation. Local legends say that inside the stones is gold. Many of these spheres have been broken and some have been destroyed.But there was nothing inside …


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