5 Really Strange Places That Science Can Not Explain

5 Really Strange Places That Science Can Not Explain

If the human being undeniably tends to study and master more and more the infinitely small (microbacteria, nanomicroscopy, electrons …) and the infinitely large (space travel, satellites, telescopes …), it seems that Mother Nature did not end up surprising him.

So,despite our advanced technology and our growing knowledge of science, physics or chemistry through medicine, some strange phenomena and Strange Places yet very natural remain perfectly unexplained, leaving the doubt around many mysteries more surprising ones than others…


5. The lights of Hessdalen

Strange Places That Science Can Not Explain

Located in the heart of Norway, the Hessdalen Valley is quiet and peaceful in appearance.

However, for many years, its inhabitants could observe an unexplained phenomenon by the scientific community: every night, about twenty times a week,strange lights of different colors were forming in the sky, sometimes flashing in the sky, sometimes moving about. 
Even more surprising, the patterns created by these lights and their size differ: the inhabitants could observe multicolored luminous balls as big as a car,but it also happened that they take the form of lightning or even branches of trees.


While some have thought of an extraterrestrial event, scientists believe that these halos of light are a reaction to radon present in the valley of Hessdalen, which, mixing with the dust,produces light when it disintegrates in the atmosphere.

Similarly, another theory states that the concentration of copper and zinc in the valley, once in contact with water, would be at the origin of a giant natural pile: indeed, it should be known that these three elements come into the composition of the batteries.

AlwaysIf all these theories are equal, no precise scientific proof has yet been given to date concerning the mysterious lights of the Hessdalen valley.


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4. The sleep epidemic of Kazakhstan

Strange Places That Science Can Not Explain

Since 2013, a small village in northern Kazakhstan called Kalachi is struck by a phenomenon strangest: about 1 in 10 people suddenly falls asleep to sleep for 6 consecutive days in some cases.

So,One of the many victims of this sleep epidemic says, “As usual, I milked cows early in the morning and fell asleep. I do not remember anything at all, only when I woke up in the hospital, the nurses smiled at me and told me [that] I had slept two days and two nights. “Although such a disease does exist (known as “narcolepsy”), it is still particularly rare and affects about 0.5% of the population.

Surprisingly, the inhabitants (some of them) who do not suddenly fall asleep suffer from many hallucinations, memory loss and asthenia (extreme fatigue).

Theories attempting to explain the reasons for Kalachi villagers to fall asleep suddenly may be many, none of them has been confirmed by science, despite the various medical and environmental analyzes that have been conducted there. : blood, hair, nails as well as air,the soil or the water have unfortunately not given any tangible explanation for this scourge.

Where some see it as a conspiracy by the government, others believe the cause comes from the disused uranium mine near Kalachi.

If the latter theory appears to be the most plausible,it should be noted that in Krasnogorsk, the nearest village to this uranium mine did not detect any such cases.Although the Kazakh authorities evacuated the village to relocate its inhabitants a little further, the mystery surrounding this strange sleep epidemic remains intact.


3. The fairy circles of Namibia

Strange Places That Science Can Not Explain

One of Most Strange Places , Located in south-west Africa, Namibia is known for its exceptional flora and fauna, but also for this inexplicable phenomenon that it shelters in its meadows: thousands of circles where grass does not grow there, and despite vegetation as far as the eye can see,
thus forming “holes” 2 to 12 meters in diameter on the ground.


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If their name can make them dream more than one, these “circles of fairies” leave however perplexed the scientific community which still does not know to explain precisely what they are due.

For some, it is termites that feed on grass roots,but this theory was quickly refuted and this still does not explain why these circles never overlap and why the marks left are always perfectly round.

Others, on the other hand, believe that the harsh climate of Namibia’s grasslands forces plants to activate a particular mode of survival, but again,this theory has not been proven.


2. The hum of Taos

Strange Places That Science Can Not Explain


Another Strange Places Located in the north of New Mexico, Taos is a small city of appearance, is quite normal.

However, since the early 90’s, its inhabitants can hear a constant buzz of perfectly unknown origin that they dubbed “The Taos Hum”.The small town may have undergone a battery of environmental tests (sounds of animals, automobiles to analyze the noise emitted by household appliances), no explanation was found.

As a result, some residents constantly perceive a background noise, much like the sound of an engine, while for others,
it is understood only temporarily.

Anyway, it greatly affects their quality of life (migraines, headaches, dizziness …) and their sleep.

In addition to being particularly troublesome, you must know that against all odds,this buzz is felt more indoors than outdoors: if it is noticeable in the open air, it is much more intense once the inhabitants reach their homes.

Once again, theories are multiplying around this mystery, without ever having been confirmed: extraterrestrial basis,
auditory hypersensitivity of residents, industrial and even natural infrasounds, electromagnetic waves …

The only certainty we have at the moment about this phenomenon is that it is not isolated: indeed, it has been reported a few other similar cases, especially in the United Kingdom or Australia, but also in Canada.


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1. The Minnesota Devil’s Kettle

Located in Minnesota, in the north of the United States, Judge C. R. Magney’s State Park along the Brule River is meant to be special: a cascading waterfall called “The Kettle of the Devil”.

If his name is so strange,it is because the phenomenon that occurs there is just as much: when the water of the waterfall arrives in the river, it is literally engulfed by a huge cavity resembling a giant pot, without it being known where she goes afterwards.

Of course, to get through this mystery, many people have tried to throw things at them,hoping to be able to see them on the surface and finally trace the trajectory of the water, in vain: if the idea is ingenious, no object has however been found.

From a purely scientific point of view, some researchers and geologists have even tried to mix a dye, but once again,
the colored water has never been seen again.

The most logical theory (although still unconfirmed to date) is probably the one that claims that the water is lodged in an underground water table and then reaches the Lake Superior located a few kilometers from the park in question,
but the mystery of the Minnesota devil’s kettle remains intact.

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