10 Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet

10 Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet

The animal world is one of the most interesting. One could spend one’s life studying the world’s wildlife, and marveling every day! According to various studies, there are about 10,500 known bird species and 21,000 subspecies worldwide.
Some of them look like real extraterrestrials and impress us not only with their incredible shapes and colors, but also with their unusual behavior.

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1. King Sarcophagus

The king sarcoramphe, or vulture pope, is a scavenger. It has a very large wingspan, so it hovers in the air to save energy by looking for food (like dead animals). It is very useful for our planet thanks to its eating habits,because its nest is ecological and it helps to prevent the spread of diseases caused by corpses and carcasses.

Vultures of this type can live anywhere from southern Mexico to Argentina. The legends say that they received their name from the Mayans,because it was a “king” who transmitted messages between humans and gods.


2. Peruvian rock rooster

The Peruvian rooster is native to South America. It is found in rocky, tropical and subtropical areas. Males are beautiful because of their prominent fan-shaped crests,they use to attract females.

When it comes to breeding, they start to show their colorful plumage. After mating, the female becomes independent, nesting in a rocky area and taking care of her own eggs.

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3. Bird of Paradise

Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet


This bird is quite small,about 25 centimeters. When standing up front, head up, it absorbs 99.95% of the sunlight. It is considered a new species because it does not behave like other birds. His dance is like a love parade and his vocalizations are different. Even the appearance of the female differs from that of the male. It is a very interesting bird that could hypnotize you with its dance and its unusual appearance.


4. Golden pheasant

Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet

The golden pheasant is native to central China, but also occurs in Britain, southwestern Scotland, Spain and France.
They are among the brightest birds and have a very long tail. What is surprising about this species is that the female can lay nine to eleven eggs that hatch after three weeks.

The golden pheasant is a sign of luck, prosperity and wealth. Furthermore,it has an incredible ability to detect unusual dangers and threats.

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5. Hornbill hornbill

Hornbills have beaks ranging in size from over 30 centimeters to about 94 centimeters. These creatures are omnivorous and can eat fruits, insects and even small animals. But because of their too short language,they can not swallow the food and that’s why they slide it to the back of their throat by tilting their heads back

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This bird has two specific characteristics. The first is that the muscles of his neck are particularly strong because they need to maintain his big beak. As a result, this area is larger than that of the average bird. By the way, these birds are the only ones to have eyelashes, it’s curious, right?

6. Andrews frigate

Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet

These birds are on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. People call them pirates, and the reason is simple: they steal food from other birds. Aside from these playfulnesses, they usually live in pairs and have a red throat that they swell when mating.

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7.Gray Ibijau

They live in Central and South America. Gray ibijaus are related to caprimulgids (crepuscular birds) and podargids (nocturnal birds), which are creatures of the owl family.

During the day, they do not fly,but are positioned vertically on tree trunks to camouflage. The diet of these birds includes beetles, moths, grasshoppers and termites.


8. Swinhoe Pheasant

Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet

Sadly,this species has very few members because of the degradation of its habitat. Swinhoe male pheasant can grow to more than 78 centimeters. It is a very colorful bird: it has blue-purple bust, white neck, a red line on the upper feathers, white tail and crest.


9. Condor of the Andes

The Andean Condor has a wingspan of over three meters and is considered the largest bird in the world. Its weight can reach 15 kilograms, and it can measure up to 1.2 meters. This extraordinary creature is the largest raptor in the world. Despite his huge wings,he is not the best traveler because he is very heavy. It is interesting to note that only one egg is laid every two years and that its incubation period lasts from 54 to 58 days.

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10. Mandarin duck

The mandarin duck is native to China and Japan, and is considered the most beautiful in the world. Like most ducks,
they find a companion for the season and get in pairs each fall. Females do not emit the characteristic sound of these animals; rather, they make a sort of sneer when they see or feel a danger.


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10 Strange Birds That Would Have Come From Another Planet

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