10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays

Traveling does not necessarily mean ruining oneself! Many possibilities are available to you to escape even on a small budget: low-cost flights, off-season trip … We must also take into account the budget on site: if the plane ticket is sometimes a little expensive, some cities can enjoy without spending too much (souvenirs, hotels, homestay accommodation, restaurants, car rental …). Here are the 10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays :

1. THESSALONIKI – second-largest city in Greece and capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki is a welcoming and pleasant city just like its inhabitants. Very well place by low-cost flights, this is the ideal place for a relaxing weekend to discover the ancient charms of Greece.

2. GUATEMALA – Admittedly, the plane ticket is a little expensive. However, once there, it is possible to live on less than € 15 a day without problems. Guatemala is much less touristy than the other countries of Central America, yet it is full of treasures to discover. Country of the Mayan culture,with just 2% of urbanized territory, it offers breathtaking natural landscapes such as the Atitlan Lake site. For a sporting holiday, it is also the ideal place.

10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays

3. FES – In search of the sun, many tourists head to Morocco for an exotic vacation at a low price. Fez, much less touristy than Marrakech, is the cultural capital of Morocco. Its medina, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a veritable maze of small streets still in turmoil.
The city is also known for its craftsmanship: leather work in tanneries is admirable. If you have some time, visiting the surroundings of Fes (Meknes or even Chefchaouen) will literally make you fall in love with Morocco! 

10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays

4. PORTO – Although tourism is growing more and more, Portugal remains a cheap destination. Porto, the second-largest city in the country, is perfect for discovering Portuguese folklore. The Ribeira district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the city.

The tiles that decorate the houses will leave you speechless: the station of São Bento, covered with faience, is a true masterpiece. Finally, eating on the run is a tradition in Porto. The “francesinha”, local specialty, is to discover.

10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays


5. MONTENEGRO – At the heart of the Mediterranean, separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro remains a virtually unknown land. The country, recently independent, opens to tourism. Its wild nature will conquer you. The island of Sveti Stefan, not far from Podgorica.


6. INDONESIA – A huge country, thousands of islands, incredible sites: Indonesia is a traveler’s paradise. To take nothing away from its charm, the cost of living is one of the lowest in Asia. If Bali is the destination of choice, Indonesia is made up of a multitude of other islands with crazy charm. This is the case of Sumatra, Java or Borneo.
The landscapes are incredibly diverse (volcanoes, jungle …)

10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays


7. INDIA – India is certainly the all-round champion of this ranking. By tracking offers on the internet, getting a return ticket to Mumbai or New Delhi is more than affordable and the trip is worth the trip! India is the change of scenery assured. From North to South this continent country offers remarkable sites like the famous Taj-Mahal

10 Destinations For a Small Budget Holidays


8. TRANSYLVANIA – Romania is the favorite playground for backpackers. Walking the Transylvanian backpack is an unforgettable experience. In the footsteps of Dracula, it is possible to sleep at home and enjoy a typical Romanian meal for only a few lei. If the authenticity has been preserved,the region has also been able to urbanize with culturally important cities like Cluj-Napoca


9. SEVILLE – Capital of Andalusia, Seville is, architecturally, one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Many of its monuments are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Giralda and, of course, the Alcazar. Seville is also the cheap vida loca! Housing is affordable and the sun is very often you. For a more complete tour of Andalusia, make the most of your stay to discover Granada, located only a few kilometers away.

10. BELGRADE – Nicknamed “Barcelona of the East” for its crazy nightlife, Belgrade is much more than that. At the crossroads of East and West, the “white city” has a rich cultural heritage.
Its fortress dating back to Roman times is still wonderfully preserved today and curious minds will appreciate the many museums of the city. For a successful getaway, do not forget to introduce yourself to Serbian street food by tasting a pljeskavica, a succulent burger.

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