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Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work
Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

19 Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

19 Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work


There are many psychological and technical tips of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and as many books and conferences that talk about it. Most of them allow professionals to manipulate people without their noticing it, or to avoid the influence of others.But what are the tips and techniques that are the easiest to use and the most effective? we found answers to this question.


Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work
Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

Never ask a question starting with “Could you …?”: Your interlocutor will perceive it as theoretical. For example, do not ask the question “Could you call neighbors?” A “yes” would mean “yes, theoretically, I could do it”.
It is better to rephrase this query more directly: “Call the neighbors please”.


If you want to put someone uncomfortable during a conversation, look at the center of his forehead from time to time.

If your interlocutor evades a question or does not answer,pauses in the conversation and continues to look into his eyes. This white will make him uncomfortable and he will begin to speak; he will thus reveal more details about what you wanted to know, or he will confess the truth, believing that your silence and your gaze are clear signs that you guessed he was lying.


Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

If you want to bond with someone (for example at work), just ask him to explain something to you, even if you already know the answer. This will give him the impression that he is useful to you and he will change his attitude towards you.

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work
Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

When you ask a question,do not hesitate to nod slightly. You will most likely get an affirmative answer. Warning: this trick is used by servers, so that customers order more things.

If a person is very focused on a task (for example, she is absorbed into a serious telephone conversation) you can ask her to give you what she has in her hands and she will accept it without paying attention. She will not remember it. The trick also works in the other direction: you can give her something and she will accept it without even noticing it.

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

It is enough to tell someone that a task is obviously above his means so that this person does everything possible to prove the contrary.

During a conversation, if you constantly and imperceptibly agree, your interlocutor will become more receptive to your words, without even understanding how it happened.

If you are generally satisfied with an offer, but want to get a little more, make a slightly disappointed look. It works with a price that you find too high or a low salary.

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

As soon as your alarm rings, straight up,shake your fists and yell “Yes” as if you were a football player who just scored a goal. It may seem strange, but you will be immediately filled with energy and you will get out of bed more easily.

If you are constantly worried about whether you have closed the door or disconnected the iron,say aloud an absurd expression as you perform these actions (changing the expression every day, for example, turn off the iron and say “green rabbit”, close the door and say “despotic crab”. the question of whether or not you locked the door,you will remember having said this strange expression and you will be reassured.

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

If someone tries to drag you into an argument or scandal, just tell him something nice. This will make him crazy!

If you have to manage a team and one of your employees is reluctant to work,do not give him tasks saying “do this”. Say rather “start with this”: it will give him the impression of having less work, because it starts with something simple. Once he’s finished, tell him “very good, keep going”. He will then perform his task successfully, because he will have the impression that he does not have much things to do.

When you speak in public, always have a bottle of water with you. If you have a hole or a moment of panic, take a break and drink a little. In this way, no one will notice your moment of weakness.

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

If someone starts to fix you in the subway or the bus, look at his feet insistently. Do not let go of them. Spread
we trust, it will drive him crazy!

If you become nervous every time you see one of your friends, he will also get nervous every time he sees you.

If you want to complain about someone without accusing them directly, use indirect formulas. For example,instead of saying “you forgot to close the window”, say “the window has remained open”.

If you slept badly, say firmly to your brain: “I slept well.” It may sound strange, but if you’re really convinced of your words, you’ll feel better.

Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

People remember better what happened at the beginning and at the end of the day. Everything that happens between these two moments is more vague. Therefore, if possible, schedule your job interviews in the morning or e1vening, so that the employer can remember you accurately among the crowd of candidates.

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19 Simple Psychological Tips That Really Work

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