12 Optical Illusions That Make You do Not Trust Your Eyes and Your Brain


People unconditionally trust what they see, and they even confirm it to others by saying, “I saw it with my own eyes!” But this statement can not always be a meaningful argument in a discussion.
There are situations in which what we see and reality are completely different things.


It’s a reflection. Do not you think so? Watch video

Optical Illusions

When optical illusions play an important role

Optical Illusions


In this picture, there are 500 sheep. Can you find at least one?


Make me a cut as if you were using Photoshop.

It looks like there are hills on the stadium. But in reality, they are just shadows.

It’s really scary. Fortunately it’s just a makeup!


What is a portal to another world?


With this tattoo, you will never go unnoticed.


They are rifle loaders. And they are exactly the same size.


It’s a completely flat floor. They created this illusion so that children do not run in the hallway.


These cars are all the same size.

Bonus: Look for thirty to forty seconds the color points that are under the eyes of this woman, and after that, look at the cross on the right side of the photo. Your brain will “draw” a color image


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