7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain


If science is so advanced today that it can explain even the most irrational situations and demystify popular legends and deeply held beliefs, some places on the other hand escape it.

With over 4.5 billion years to his credit,Mother Nature knows perfectly how to maintain its mystery and keep its oldest secrets, abandoning us to unexplained phenomena, singular discoveries but especially places too strange to be true …


7. Lake Natron

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

Located in northern Tanzania, Lake Natron is a peaceful lake in East Africa, at least when it is at its highest level.

Once its level goes down, one can see there dead animals literally frozen on the spot, in the manner of statues of stones.
This is the experience experienced by the English photographer Nick Brandt while visiting Lake Natron: eagles, doves, magpies, songbirds, Flemings and bats petrified on the spot, as paralyzed in the space and in time.

Most of the corpses are so intact that they still have their hair and all their organs, allowing Nick Brandt to make a portfolio of unparalleled beauty and a photo book entitled “Across the ravaged land” where it says, “Nobody knows for sure how these animals die,but it seems that the highly reflective nature of the surface of the lake disturbs them, causing them to crash on the lake. “

It is true that Lake Natron is famous for hosting only very rare species: apart from a few Flemings, fish, algae and bacteria, no animals venture there.
With a temperature that can reach 60 degrees and its extremely high salt content with a pH of 10.5, life is virtually impossible.

So impossible that animals that accidentally come into contact with its water die instantly and calcify, which is why, once dry,
the corpses remain intact.

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6. The Underwater Cave of Actun Sac

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

Although discovered in 1987 in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, it took more than 30 years to confirm that the Sac Actun submarine cave is the largest in the world.

A labyrinth flooded, the team responsible for studying the area, formerly Maya (“Gran Acuifero Maya Project”) has detected an underwater network that stretches for no less than 350 kilometers, more than 100 meters deep.

Another surprising discovery, divers and archaeologists found human remains, including skulls and bones dating from the time of the Mayan civilization.These will undeniably help to learn more about the habits and rituals of the people who have disappeared today, explains project director Gran Acuifero Maya and archaeologist plunger Guillermo de Anda: “This allows us to appreciate a lot more clearly how the rituals,the places of pilgrimage and finally the great pre-Hispanic colonies that we know have emerged “


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5. The monument of Yonaguni

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

Discovered in 1987 by diver Kihachiro Aratake, the Yonaguni monument is an underwater sandstone structure located in the waters of the Japanese Yonaguni Island.

If until then everything seems perfectly normal,you must know that this structure is so perfect that it strongly suggests that it is in fact an old human construction, perhaps even prehistoric according to some scientists.

Consisting of two pillars measuring no less than 25 meters in height, a wide platform in the shape of a star, steps,a road as well as a wall, everything suggests that the monument would have been a city now engulfed.

However, no tangible evidence confirms or even contradicts this theory but many scientists agree that it is perfectly natural, formed by the many earthquakes that are raging in the region.
Moreover, it would not be the first time that natural rocks display such regular shapes that they seem to be carved by man, such as basaltic organs or manganese nodules. Natural or vestiges of a city that has disappeared today, the mystery around the Yonaguni monument remains intact …


4. The eternal flame of Chestnut Ridge Park

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

The phenomenon of eternal flame may be relatively common, it can occur only in the presence of shale gas and therefore old rocks whose temperature must imperatively approach 100 degrees.

Only,a team of scientists from Indiana University has made a startling discovery: the rocks of Chestnut Ridge Park that shelter the eternal flame of New York are not hot enough for such a process to occur.

Located just behind a waterfall, researchers are perplexed by this situation,not understanding how the eternal flame has been kept burning for so many generations if the temperature of the nearby rocks is “barely hotter than a cup of tea,” says Dr. Geert and researcher Arndt Schimmelmann.


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3. Kliluk Lake

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

Located in British Columbia, Canada, not far from the city of Osoyoos, Kliluk Lake is unique in the world: completely spotted, so it reveals large colored dots that change color as the seasons go by.
But behind its almost supernatural appearance hides a simple scientific explanation: concentrated in minerals (including magnesium, sodium sulphate and calcium) deposits form on the surface of the lake when the water evaporates slowly in summer, leaving appear big tasks sometimes yellow,sometimes green and sometimes just slightly lighter than the rest of the water.

Be that as it may, Kliluk Lake is so singular that popular legend says that this lake is sacred and full of magic.


2. Caño Cristales

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

It is in Colombia that Caño Cristales, which can be translated as “creek of crystals”, continues to amaze visitors.

Widely described as, being the most beautiful river in the world, its 100 kilometers shelter no less than five different colors: yellow, red, blue,green and orange mix perfectly like a real rainbow.

Lively and breathtakingly beautiful, these colors are due to the presence of small plants called “macarenia clavigera” that grow on the bed of Caño Cristales and whose color depends entirely on its degree of exposure to the sun.


1. The Cathedral of Silfra

Mysterious Places on Earth That Nobody Can Explain

Located in Iceland, the Silfra Cathedral (also known as the Silfra Fault) is a natural icy fissure that allows divers to swim between two continents, just over 60 meters deep.

If she is so special,because it’s the only place in the world where you can find exactly two tectonic plates: the 20,000 or so annual divers who go there can touch North America with one hand , and on the other Europe.

And because Mother Nature does not do a geological miracle until half the water flowing in Silfra Cathedral is so pure that it can be drunk without the need for special treatment: naturally filtered through an underground lava, it is so clear that the sunlight penetrates it willingly.


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