Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Some events in the history of the world seem to leave a permanent question mark in the minds, despite the great technological advances, we have gathered these Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Does Mu continent exist in reality or is it just a myth?

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Mu is a legendary continent that disappeared 14,000 years ago and has become a source of fiction. According to these accounts, those who left the continent of Mu created civilizations such as Atlantis, and this continent was located between Asia and the Americas, much larger than the continent of Australia. Mu civilization, characterized by greatness as a result of a disaster 12,000 years ago.

There is a very interesting text concerning the sinking of the Mu continent on the walls of the pyramids of the Temple of Inscriptions in the city of Totihuacan, in the city of Miskik. The text says: “A terrible earthquake occurred in the thirteenth century, the continent of Mu was the victim of the disaster, Mu collapsed civilization, after the night rose twice, flooded, the earth flew into the air several times and returned, the disaster caused the death of 64 million people.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Mu civilization is only a myth, because the rocks that make up the continents (aluminum-silicon) must swim over the rocks (silicon-magnesium) that form the ocean floor, according to the laws of physics, but so far No rocky discoveries have been made that could form Mu to this day.
However, he found inscriptions found on carbon rocks in China and its neighboring countries dating back 14,000 years: “Our continent sank and we fled here.”

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Where was Atlantis?



Atlantis is a continent and mythological civilization mentioned by Plato in his books, Plato mentioned the continent of Atlantis in his books for the first time in his conversations Timaeus and Critias. According to Atlantis, a very rich continent, ruled by the nobles, Atlantis captured the continent of Africa and most of the western part of the continent of Europe.
Plato says that the continent of Atlantis tried to occupy Athens before 9,500 BC but it did not work, and then the entire continent sank under water .
Many historians see Atlantis as a virtual civilization created by Plato to describe his own political theories, yet there is no consensus that the stories about Atlantis were derived from old stories, not just stories Plato imagines.

American researcher Robert Sarmst reviewed 50 material references to Atlantis through information extracted from Plato’s books relating to the Atlantis site, but his attempts were insufficient. Based on this, geophysicist Dr. John K., in a joint work with Dr. Hull, devised a three-dimensional map of the region with measurements of the depth of the place.
According to Sarmast, Atlantis was located between Syria and Cyprus, and the highest peak of sunken Atlantis is Cyprus now.


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


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Naacal civilization


naacal is a civilization that allegedly existed in the past, and gained its fame from the British writer James Chur Schaward. The naacal civilization found by James Chur Choward in western Tibet opened great doors to the mysteries of Mu and Atlantis, although there is no scientific discovery of the civilization of naacal .
August Paulingon was the first to speak about the naacal civilization. According to August, the people of naacal were heavenly missionaries of the Mayan people, and it was an ancient and powerful civilization in Central America.

According to James, who spoke about the civilization of naacal in 1926, the population of this civilization was 64 million people, who lived for 50 thousand years.
According to the literature on the civilization he found in Tibet, James Chur Chawd claims that naacal is the cradle of civilization there, and that these writings illuminate much of Mu’s civilization. In addition, he found these writings: “Mu was a warm country, It has very fertile and fertile plains, and it is decorated with gardens on all sides, in addition to its rich forests ending at forgetfulness

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


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Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

It also has rich and large cities with large population groups on the banks of the rivers, the navigation is distinct from the extraordinary, there was no high mountains, but rather there was no mountains high in this continent from the ground, as the mountains have not risen elsewhere in the world.
The existence of the Mu civilization and its people coincided with the third geological era before the formation of great mountains on the ground, lived animals of these ages in the waters of this civilization and forests, and the people of civilization Mu know many ways to delight all kinds of animals there.


What goal they draw Nazca Lines?

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain
Nazca’s paintings are another obscure subject on the face of the globe. Many geolips left many questions to be answered in the minds of scientists, lines and drawings carved beneath the wall overlooking the Andes and the Nazca desert on the southern shore of Peru.

Nazca’s paintings were observed with the occupation of the Spaniards of South America. In 1939, the first tangible evidence of its existence emerged. The American archaeologist Paul Kosok then made an expedition over the Nazca desert and took photographs of the earthworks there.
After this period, a number of diverse scientific research on Nazca’s drawings began. In 1946, the first theory of German mathematician Maria Ritchie (1903-1998) devoted her life to these drawings.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

According to Maria Ritchie, the drawings were formed by the light-colored sands coming out from the bottom layer, and the dark sand of the upper layer of the desert was lost, and the earthwork showed the location of the sun, the moon and some stars.
These sites were used as a kind of calendar in the agricultural activities of the Nazca people, such as planting, irrigation and harvesting times. Feather’s theory was based on geometric drawings, but did not include assumptions about other engravings such as animal or plant drawings.

Scientists tried 2400 years ago to answer the question of any goal drew the people of Nazca these drawings earth? By providing explanations for existing samples, and insisted on presenting different views.
Some experts assume that engineering drawings show flow trends in water tables or irrigation systems, as well as some who believe that these inscriptions for bumblebee birds, lizards and whales are associated with religious symbols.


The secrets of the pyramids of Giza that no one could reveal its secret


The pyramids of Egypt are buildings that were usually established as tombs of the pharaohs. The oldest known pyramid is a pyramid built by the architect Imhotep and was built during the third family period. At the time of the construction of the pyramids killed all workers and architects and anyone who knows the secrets of the pyramids in Egypt, is considered the Great Pyramid – A mysterious building – one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The pyramids of Egypt in all its details are buildings that have been obscured for centuries, how were they created? Who created it? Are a big question marks, humanity remains puzzled and admired by these buildings more and more whenever they reveal more of their characteristics and secrets.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Here are some of the interesting things about the Egyptian pyramids, which do not show explanations that confirm or deny conclusively, but can be expressed by the following points:

– Each pyramid was built of 20 tons of stones, and the nearest distance from which these stones can be obtained is located hundreds of kilometers away. There are various uncertain assumptions about how to obtain these stones used to build the pyramids.

-It is said that the sun enters the room of the person who built the pyramid for him twice a year; once on the day of his birth, and again the time of the end of his reign and descent from the throne, where his tomb is located inside the pyramid, after his death and Tahnitah.
– 12 cancer scientists died of radioactive material found in mummies when they were first discovered.
-Non-functioning devices inside the pyramids, such as radar, sonar and acoustic devices.
– When the contaminated water is left for a few days inside the pyramid it becomes as if it has been purified.
– The milk placed in the pyramid remains fresh for a few days, then turns into a thrombosis without spoiling.
– Plants grow in the pyramids very quickly more than normal.
-The water left in the pyramid turns into a facial lotion after leaving it for five weeks.
– The remains of food in the garbage cans rot inside the pyramid without leaving any smell.
– Burns, scratches, abrasions and other wounds heal faster inside the pyramid.
-There is no information about what is inside some of the Pyramids rooms. Most of the researchers are either lost in the maze inside the pyramid, or the turns lead them to the same place they started from. But no one ever saw what was inside the rooms.



8000 stone soldiers differ from each other in facial features!

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

The Terracotta Army was found by a farmer in 1974, and this army, which has been underground for 2,000 years with horses, arrows, bronze swords and horse-drawn vehicles, has created great excitement in the archaeologist.
Archaeologists were not able to examine the statues because of their proximity to each other and their fragile mud-brick structure. In fact, the clay figurines were found in 1920, but the villagers who saw them buried them again for fear.


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Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Terracotta, another name for clay figurines, was discovered by accident in 1974 when a local man dug a well. Not only did the farmers discover clay figurines as they dug underground, but they also discovered horses that were adapted to the size of cavalry, horse-drawn vehicles, war-related vehicles, weapons, and servants.

The construction of clay figurines is associated with the rule of ancient China Qin Shi Huang, because according to an ancient tradition in China before the Qin Dynasty, he was buried with the king when his service, his soldiers, war supplies, his own possessions, and even his wives died.
But the Chinese ruler, Qin Shi Huang, did not want to kill his soldiers and serve him at his death. He ordered and equipped soldiers and servants of clay, bronze swords, war trucks and other needs to accompany him to the other world.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Each soldier has different features, ranging in length from 183 to 195 cm. The number of statues found underground today is estimated at 8,000, 130 with 520 horsepower and 150 horses in the exploration area.



Moai statues, weighing up to 82 tons


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

One of the largest human statues in the world, called Moai , is 10 meters long and weighs 82 tons. These statues are located on Easter Island , one of the islands of Polynesia in the Indian Ocean. A German sailor was the first who  discovered the island in 1722 and found the temples on Easter Island .
A German linguist went there in 1935, 638 kinds of carvings as a result of his research on the island, by categorizing them according to their size. In addition, 887 sculptures were discovered during the 1969-76 study. However, scientists assume that there are more than 1,000 sculptures On the island.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Moai statues are amazing sculptures that affect those who see them with their exaggerated long ears, strong chin, large heads, and armless stems. All the statues are quite similar, punctured by their finely defined eyes, and straight nose. Moai statues require 23,000 people to sculpt, move and place , according to research by experts.

The magnificence of the statues is obvious when we imagine that they are about a thousand sculptures, and although the research has been going on for years, very limited information has been reached around them. This small island in the middle of the ocean continues to maintain its mystery and secrets away from the man of the twenty-first century.




Why did the mountain climbers die in the Dyatlov corridor?

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

The case of the Dyatlov Corridor is a mystical death filled with secrets for Russian mountain climbers on the edge of the Urals. Ten mysterious Russian climbers were killed on a mysterious night on February 2, 1959, in an area called “Mountain of Death” .

Returning to the Russian climbers, one of them had fractures in the skull bones, a broken head, although there was no sign of the beating, another was uprooted, others were frozen. The scene was dubbed the “Dyatlov Corridor” in relation to the captain Igorori Alekseevich Dyatlov , and there is a very big mystery behind the death of nine young men.

A survey conducted immediately after the incident showed that the climbers fled the tent torn from the inside in different directions leaving their phones and cameras, without taking anything, including their shoes, and no traces were encountered of any creatures other than the human effects of mountain climbers.
What happened ?! Why did these mountain climbers flee without their shoes and in this state of panic on a night where the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius below zero?

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

The body temperature was diagnosed as causing the deaths of Yuri Krivon Sinko, Yuri Poroshenko, Igor Dyatlov , and Zina Kolmogorov Rustem Sulfadin, after the first preview immediately after the accident. These were the first rescue teams to reach their bodies.
The mountain climbers were affected by the frost and then began to die one after the other in the darkness of the night, until there was a fracture in the skull of Solbadin, but proved conclusively in the tests that the general condition of the fracture could not be a cause of death. That she received a blow on her head for an unknown reason.

But the most unusual aspect is the fractures in the Brinell skull, which are found in the ribs of Zolatev and Dibonina. Moreover, the eyes, lips, and tongue of Dibonina did not exist, and there were no signs of beating from the outside on the bodies that had fractures in their ribs. It is also interesting that radioactive material was observed on their clothing in the subsequent examination.



What is happening in Area 51?


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

The first question people will ask you when you are elected as president is what happens in Area 51? “During Obama’s conversation with actress Shirley McLean.”
Area 51 is 153 km from Las Vegas, close to Lake Groom, surrounded by the Nellis Air Force, and the Nevada site. Rachel, on the northern border, is the nearest residential unit.


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

It has a total area of ​​76 km. High-ranking military officers have the power to kill anyone, and since no one is allowed to enter the area, no one can approach this secret base for 30 miles either by air or by By sea.
Area 51 is one of the most issues of ambiguity in our time, that is hidden what area like a secret, without any explanation, and be entered into a statement even for presidents, all of this raises curiosity about the region and associated with an important question, which is; Do not hide something there ?!

The United States’ retention of space creatures and plane dishes is one of the theories and speculation about Area 51, where it was thought that the nation that first set foot on the moon would be a superpower in the world during the Cold War era. Of the candidate countries to be the superpower, namely the United States of America.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


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According to documentary claims, no one has ever set foot on the moon in this period, and this video is only an American game to declare itself the superpower of the Cold War era. Technology at this time was not enough to transfer humans to the moon, and this video does not seem to have been picked up on the moon.
According to the allegations, the video of the moon was filmed in Area 51, which is the real reason behind the hideout of the 51 Great Break Zone.


Stronger than the Hiroshima explosion two thousand times:


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain

Tunguska Explosion No one has been able to uncover the cause of the massive explosion in 1809 in the Tunguska region of Siberia until now. The explosion was so huge that experts agreed that the force could only be issued from more than 2,000 bombs dropped on Hiroshima.
The explosion, which destroyed 80 million trees and made them land level in an area of ​​2,150 square kilometers, is one of the most mysterious events of the 20th century.





A century later, even with the assumption that the explosion of Tunguska happened as a result of a culprit, there are still some confusing questions for the minds.
Although the researchers found the samples in 1988, the analyzes were conducted in 2008, and the results emerged in 2013. The explosion of Tunguska remains unclear to this day.


Hum Taos that did not reveal her secret


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Many people around the world heard sounds like tinnitus, similar to sounds from a diesel engine. Many people say they sometimes hear a buzzing voice, especially those living in America, England and northern Europe.
On July 10, 2011, people in the town of Woodland in England said they heard the sound for two months. In 1997, researchers at a conference in a small village called Taos, New Mexico, tried to reach the source of the sound, but their efforts were not successful. The true cause of Hum Taos was not found, and there are still many vague interpretations of its origins and causes.

Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


The secret of the curse of the island of Oak


Oak Island, nestled in the New Scotland area of ​​Canada, boasts a treasure trove of rare artifacts, scientists said. According to the greatest superstition there is “The Money Pit,” a building made up of large rocks, containing an undiscovered treasure. In 1775 a rumor spread that Canada had a large treasure buried on the island of Oak.
Since then, treasure hunters have spent their fortunes and spent their lives searching for them, yet they have not been found in any way after all these efforts on these treasures.
One of the biggest reasons why the island of Oak is so secretive, and fortified by treasure hunters, is to immerse water for all areas where drilling is done and the area called the water pit is filled with water at some point when the drilling and exploration efforts reach a certain stage .

The answer to this question is difficult. A study showed that the nearest shoreline of the pit of money is located 500 feet away, so when the water level recedes in the crater, it flows again from the sand loaded with water just as it happens when pressed on water saturated sponge , So the treasure hunters will remain in the pit of money they dig for forever.



Is the Malaysian plane on the American island of Diego Garcia?

In 2014, a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was lost with 239 passengers and crew, and has been searched internationally since that date , but no debris or impact has been found.


Most Strange Secrets From The Past No One Can Explain


Several theories about the disappearance of this aircraft began to be discussed, and the claims of the French writer Marc Dugin were the most surprising.
According to interviews conducted by Dogin in the Maldives, the plane may be located near Diego Garcia island, one of US military base in the Maldives .


In an article published in the Paris Match magazine, fishermen on the island of Coda, Vado, said they saw a giant plane on March 8, the day the plane disappeared. They said the plane was flying very low and had blue and red lines on it.

Dugin said that two weeks after the plane disappeared, a fire extinguisher was found on the beach of Barra Island, and military officials reportedly seized a tube shortly after it was used in Boeing planes. Dugin says he shares experts who have similar views, saying in his writings that US officials understood the plane had been hijacked.
He concludes his claims that the plane was buried with passengers on the ocean floor for use in terrorist acts similar to the events of 11 September. The search for the missing Malaysian aircraft is still underway, and a small thread has not been reached.


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