Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Who has not dreamed of flying to Greece? Be captivated by this archipelago of islands and the atmosphere that emerges. The luxury hotels will allow you to live your Greek idyll with views overlooking the sea and high-end services. By choosing Greece as a destination,you will be sure to enjoy a soothing holiday full of discoveries. We have selected for you the top 10 luxury hotels in Greece.


Sani Beach, Thessaly

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

The Sani Beach Hotel offers rooms ranging from simple double rooms to deluxe family suites. You can enjoy superb sea views, an infinity pool and two private beaches that guarantee a unique tranquility. Furthermore,
you can have access to the spa to relax and enjoy this moment of serenity.


Ikos Olivia, Thessaly

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Ikos Olivia offers spacious rooms, some with balconies. Its huge gardens and their olive trees will appease you.
You will be welcomed in the hotel’s Spa on the Beach and in its four pools. One of them contains a bar in the pool, so you can enjoy your cocktail while in the water; a real happiness, no?


Sea Sound, Santorini

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

The Sea Sound Hotel offers residences,suites and villas where you can sit comfortably. The bar and restaurant offer dishes made with local and organic products. The bar is also present in the hotel pool. In addition, during your stay, you will enjoy a breathtaking view that will leave you speechless.


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On the Rocks, Santorini

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece 7

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

On the Rocks will make you live a unique experience with its luxurious rooms and the serenity of its spa. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of its private pools that everyone dreams about. The view of the cliffs of Santorini and the sea, whether from the rooms or swimming pools, will seduce you for sure.


Capo Di Mykonos, Mykonos

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece 8

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Located in the heart of Mykonos, Hotel Capo di Mykonos is full of charm. Its rooms offer total comfort, all in a soothing and Greek atmosphere. The pool overlooks the sea and offers a breathtaking view.
You will be able to fully enjoy your stay and relax in this upscale hotel.


Golden Odyssey, Rhodes

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Rooms at Golden Odyssey are very spacious and guarantee everything you need. By staying at this hotel,you will find yourself right in the center of Rhodes and you will be close to everything to visit and discover the island. Guests can enjoy an indoor and outdoor pool and private access to the beach. The hotel also offers many other activities. Everything is done to make your stay a pleasant one.


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Intercontinental, Athens

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

The luxurious rooms and high-end amenities of the Intercontinental Athens will make you feel privileged. The hotel’s café and restaurant serve gourmet dishes to delight your taste buds. The pool and spa waiting for you to cocoon,it’s the perfect duo to offer you a unique moment and maximum relaxation.


Louis Kerkya, Corfu

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Located on the emerald island, the Louis Kerkyra hotel offers comfortable rooms, some with balconies. There is something for every taste,the hotel offers a wide range of activities to occupy and fill your stay in Corfu. Guests can also enjoy the two swimming pools that are present within the hotel.


Dion Palace, Macedonia

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

The Dion Palace Hotel offers rooms ranging from classic doubles to bungalows.
You can also enjoy the spa which ensures you soothing moments for a guaranteed fitness. Ideally located geographically, between sea and mountains, the hotel enjoys a splendid view of Mount Olympus.


Long Beach Hotel, Peloponnes

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Greece

As his name indicates,the Long Beach Hotel is beachfront and has its own private beach. You can enjoy views of the gardens or the sea from your room. In addition to the two tennis courts, the hotel offers a wide range of water sports. You will find your happiness by staying at the Long Beach Hotel.


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