16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them


With every news we hear about Japan, we are more and more convinced that this country comes from a parallel world. There is only one out there that you can buy a table-top washing machine, a transparent television and many other things that people in the rest of the world can only dream of.
If you want to continue to be surprised by the ingenuity of the inventions of the country of the rising sun, continue reading : 


16. The butter grater

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

We all know that it is not easy to butter a sandwich without damaging it when the butter is cold and hard. But this is not a problem in Japan because the people of this country use special graters.
These devices push the butter on the other side to get pieces of butter that can be spread without effort.


15. The anti-waste bowl basin

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

This economical sink was created in 1956. The way it works is that when you wash your hands,the excess water is collected in a tank that is used to flush … Just great!


14. Compact fans

While everyone suffers from heat, installs air conditioners, and consumes a lot of cool drinks, the Japanese go further and invent compact fans.

For men,they come in the form of earphones, pocket devices for shirts, shoes, and also fit in a backpack.

For girls, the presentation of this device includes a LED selfie ring with fan and a cooling mat for laptop,which can be placed on a pillow for a pleasant sleep.


13. The puppy who tells you if you feel good

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

This is a friendly robot puppy with a sensor in the nose that will tell you how you feel. If he detects a pleasant aroma, he will perform joyful movements from one leg to another;if you smell more or less good, he will move his tail; and if you feel bad, he will act as if he were dead.

For office workers, a more modern device with a sleek design has been developed, ensuring fast and accurate assessment of body odor. It detects any fragrance, especially that of the elderly.
The Japanese are invited to test this device before important events, and the result of each recording is relayed by a mobile application that you can install on your smartphone.


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12. Umbrellas for the head

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

In Japan, rains and typhoons are common, which can easily break a good umbrella.
Therefore, the abundance of these disposable products only surprises tourists. But there is another very popular variant: the umbrella for the head, whose main advantage is to allow the person to have their hands free.

And if you think it’s impossible to invent other types of this product,then you are wrong. Not long ago, Asahi Power Services announced the first flying umbrella, which not only protects against rain, keeps hands free, and has a great look. The only drawback about these devices being their weight (5 kilos),also a blow caused by the fall of one of them could be quite problematic.


11. The alarm system for laptops

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

This compact alarm system will monitor your laptop. It is suitable for those who do not always work in the office and are often in public places.
You will be able to move away for a moment and not worry about the security of your objects: if the device records a slight movement of your laptop, it will start to ring, its built-in light will turn red and it will send an alarm signal on your smartphone.


10. Glasses with integrated notifications

Thanks to these glasses, you will not feel the constant need to consult your smartphone. They will inform you of messages, remind you of upcoming events and display the latest information. You can define different colors related to a given task,and the sound notifications will not fail to remind you the most important things.


9. The door open indicator

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

If someone approaches the other side of the door at a distance of 4 meters, this alarm will inform you.
Those who at least once faced a door opening suddenly and hitting them in the face will certainly rush to get one.


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8. The mini portable washing machine

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

How often do you wash small items you use daily, such as glasses,watches or keychains? The Japanese invented a mini portable washing machine that cleans your items in minutes. Just connect this device to a computer or other device with a USB port, add water, turn it on, and that’s it!


7. The tablet cushion

This pillow is for those who get tired a lot and do not have the strength to hold a book or tablet at arm’s length. The devices are keyed by silicone dots on the cushion, which keeps them stationary and allows you to read or work in a comfortable position.


6.The selfie and micro boom at a time

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

Selfie poles can be found anywhere in the world, but they can also act as micro is much rarer. The love of the Japanese for such inventions can be explained by the popularity in this country of karaoke and video recording.
And although it’s a thing of the past, the selfie drones that have already been invented are quite impressive.


5. The mouse of the future

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

This glove is intended to replace the mouse of your computer. The left and right clicks and the cursor are located at your fingertips.
If this device proves its reliability and reacts quickly, it will become indispensable for video game enthusiasts.

4. Artificial intelligence that analyzes the condition of the driver

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

Panasonic has introduced a new technology that helps keep drivers from falling asleep while driving.
The system analyzes the facial features of the person and activates when the motorist begins to fall asleep. Artificial intelligence anticipates what could happen and creates so uncomfortable conditions inside the cabin that no one could fall asleep there.


3. Transparent TV

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

The level of contrast on this television is not yet very high, but its creators do not stop improving it. “Transparent televisions” are aimed primarily at business owners, whether restaurants or stores, as they will certainly attract a lot of interest and attract more customers


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2. The magic mirror

16 Incredible Inventions From Japan You Will Love Them

There are already many “smart mirrors” on the market, which give the weather information, but the Panasonic company has presented an even more surprising device, which has a cosmetic orientation.
Indeed, this mirror analyzes the texture of the skin and determines any imperfections: different shades, scars or acne. Then, thanks to a special printer, it allows to print the ideal makeup that will be “stuck” on each of the areas that the person wants to correct.


1.The refrigerator that obeys the orders of its owner


A refrigerator that will offer you a glass of water for your old age, or something stronger. He reacts to his owner’s voice and moves straight to him.
He can also tell you what drinks he has and even recommend a meal that would fit well with. The motorized refrigerator does not collide with other furniture, people or animals and can also carry dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
That would be the perfect device if he also went to the supermarket to shop for real?


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