8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again


There are millions of places on earth that we have not been able to explore yet, especially those that are submerged by water. Scientists and archaeologists are always on the lookout for the lost city of Atlantis that would have been swallowed up in a single day.

Just like this legendary metropolis,many cities and archaeological remains have sunk, either by the force of nature, or because they had to be sacrificed to give more power to the people who had developed in the area.


1. Villa Epecuén, Buenos Aires

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

A few kilometers south-west of Buenos Aires, the tourist village of Epecuén resurfaces after spending more than 50 years under water. In the 1920s, it was built on the shores of Lake Epecuén and by the late 1970s it was home to more than 5,000 people. Meanwhile,the climate was becoming more and more abnormal over the years and rains were more abundant than usual in this region, causing the lake to overflow.

In 1985, the lake broke through the dam and so began the disappearance of Epecuén. By the end of 1993, the village was 33 feet underwater.
Decades later, the weather changed again and the water began to fall in 2009. Today, 30 years after the first floods, we can see how the village is miraculously reborn.


2. Potosí, Venezuela

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

No power in the world can compete with the power of nature, and in this case it is the El Niño climate phenomenon that has revived an entire city submerged for more than 30 years.
Potosí is a small town in Venezuela that was voluntarily flooded by the local government to build a hydroelectric dam in 1985.

Thirty years later, the water level dropped significantly due to the drought caused by the El Niño phenomenon,which allowed the whole city to resurface. The church, whose only cross was visible, is now fully visible, as is the cemetery.


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3. Jal Mahal, Jaipur, India

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

Although it may seem quite picturesque, the Jal Mahal, also known as the “Palace on the Water”,is a palace located in the middle of Lake Man Sagar in the city of Jaipur in India. Nobody really knows when it was built, but the red sandstone floors and walls indicate that it dates from about 300 years ago.

It is a five-storey building and four of them are submerged underwater.
The Rajasthan government has embarked on a six-year renovation project with the best architects in the country to restore its charm and majesty. It is now open to the public and tourists can visit the balconies and explore the palace through boat trips.


4. Church of St. Nicholas, Lake Mavrovo

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again
church underwater in the Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia

Not far from the Balkan Mountains in Macedonia is Lake Mavrovo, a national park famous for the submerged church of St. Nicholas.
This ancient church was built in the 1850s and has been preserved for over 150 years until the Greek government decides to build an artificial lake around to supply the local power station with water.

In 2003, the church was completely submerged by water,but because of climate change in the region, it is now resurfacing. During the summer months, one can see more than half of the place of worship.


5. Grüner See, Austria

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

This beautiful lake that at first sight looks like a surrealist photograph is actually the Grüner See,also known as “green lake”. It is located in Austria and is famous for its crystal clear waters and emerald green color that come from the presence of some type of algae and leaves.

During the winter, the lake level drops (1 to 2 meters deep,against 12 meters in normal!) and the beautiful national park emerges. It is now a popular attraction for hikers and campers. However, during the summer, after the spring ice melts, the park is again submerged by water, turning it into an underwater paradise.


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6. Xuanping, China

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

These images show the extraordinary strength of nature: an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 caused an entire village to sink in 2008! The village of Xuanping has become a ghost town after the terrible incident with more than 10 buildings of all kinds (houses, schools and offices) submerged by water. Years later,Xuanping began to reappear.

The reappearance of the city is due to the fact that the water level has dropped from 712 meters to 703 meters above sea level and continues to drop every year.
Let’s hope that people forced to leave their homes because of these unforeseen events will be able to go home and rebuild their homes!


7. Turtle Island, Muodaoxi River

8 Impressive Places That Disappeared Underwater And Are Visible Again

Every year in spring, thousands of tourists visit the Three Rivers Dam.
Gorges to see the beautiful turtle-shaped island that emerges from the waters of the Muodaoxi River. This happens thanks to the movements of the dam. The scene was nicknamed “Spring Turtle Rising Water” by local residents.

In the spring, the reservoir supplies the region with water that it collects in winter,which lowers the water level to 168 meters and allows you to see the charming island! It is submerged for 9 months of the year and is fully visible in the spring.


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8. Santiago Temple

The colonial style temple of Santiago, engulfed by the waters of Lake Chiapas, Mexico,resurfaced in 2010! The church was originally built by monks in the mid-16th century, but sank in 1966 when the Nezahualcoyotl Dam was flooded.Decades later, because of climate change and droughts that have occurred in Mexico over the past decade,the Temple of Santiago resurfaced water because the level dropped by 24 meters.


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