This Fan of Cosplay Can Be Transformed Into Any Imaginable Character

This Fan of Cosplay Can Be Transformed Into Any Imaginable Character

Alyson Tabbitha is a real follower of the costume and she can be transformed into any character imaginable. Do you have doubts ? So, keep scrolling to see for yourself.

Whether she imitates Johnny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow or disguises herself as a Final Fantasy character,
Ashley is really full of talent.

You’ll understand why more than 211,000 people follow her on Instagram after seeing her transformations and costumes below.


1. Edward in the hands of money

2. Captain Jack Sparrow


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3. Interview with a vampire


4. Leeloo of The Fifth Element


5. The Attack of the Titans


6. Naruto Gaara

7. Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy

8. Dragon Skeleton


9. Yuna from Final Fantasy


10. Final Fantasy Lightning


11. Overwatch’s Heel Widowmaker


12.Widowmaker de Overwatch


13. Rikku de Final Fantasy X


14. Padmé Amidala de Star Wars


15. Paine de Final Fantasy X-2


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This Fan of Cosplay Can Be Transformed Into Any Imaginable Character

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