10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport


Do you want to escape but have you just realized that your passport has expired? don’t panic if you are European Union resident ! The 10 destinations we have selected ensure an exotic journey, waiting for your passport!


The Azores, Atlantic Hawaii

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

This autonomous region of Portugal is less known for its enchanting landscapes than for its anticyclone: ​​and that’s a shame! Between Europe and America, the Azores archipelago is a string of nine islands of volcanic origin. nature is still protected and offers the best: lush vegetation, refreshing waterfalls, black sand beaches and splendid marine life.


Slovenia, discover Lake Bled

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

“Green jewel of Europe”, Slovenia is often unknown to travelers. Between mountains and lakes, it is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe. Formed by the melting of the Bohinj Glacier, Lake Bled is the jewel of the country.
Its deep blue waters welcome in their center a small island where a church sits. To enjoy an exceptional panorama, one must visit the village of Bled and its castle overlooking the cliff.


Martinique, “the island of flowers”

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

In Martinique, we enjoy the sun all year round in paradisiacal settings. A hotbed of green tourism, you will discover preserved seabeds and a coastline of more than 350km where beaches of white or black sand follow each other. For a moment of relaxation,
a stage on the peninsula of Caravelle is more than recommended. Quintessence of the island, it concentrates its most beautiful landscapes: forest, mangroves, secluded coves, everything is there!


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Iceland, fire and ice

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport


Iceland, you dreamed? Well know that you can visit even without a passport since it is part of the Schengen area! Here, the four elements make every effort to ensure a change of scenery and fairyland. These exceptional landscapes composed of glaciers, geysers,fjords and even spas like the famous Blue Lagoon will quickly make you forget the cool temperatures of the country!


Malta, immersion in Gozo

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport


In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a destination of choice for a stay combining relaxation and culture. To immerse yourself in the history of the island, one ventures into the underground labyrinth of the Hypogeum dating from 4000 to 2500 BC. J.C. If one prefers to discover the underwater treasures, Gozo must go.
This island is home to the most beautiful diving spots in the Mediterranean like Billinghurst Cave, a huge submerged cave.


Estonia, in the heart of the Baltic Sea

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

Located in the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea, Estonia is home to more than 1500 islands. If Tallinn, the capital, is itself a very pleasant visit, we venture to Saaremaa for a complete change of scenery.
The largest Estonian island has retained its typical attractions due to its isolation. From houses with thatched roofs to windmills to the cliffs of Panga overlooking the sea, it is a summary of all Estonian beauties.


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Guadeloupe, pearl of overseas

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

Archipelago with a thousand colors, Guadeloupe is part of the French overseas territories and is therefore discovered without a passport! Grande-Terre is ideal for a seaside holiday, near the most beautiful beaches of the island. For more sporting holidays, it’s in Basse-Terre that you have to go. Ecotourists’ paradise,this part of the island is home to many hiking trails such as Soufrière, the famous Guadeloupe volcano still active.


Latvia, nature destination

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport


Ideal to go green, Latvia is the nature destination of our ranking. Here, thick forests, wild beaches and wooded dunes are never far away. Among our favorites: the picturesque fishing village of Kolka and its cape where the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga meet.
In this decor of end of the world, still virgin of all human modifications, one observes many species of migratory birds.


Turkey, Cappadocia in a balloon

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

For a short stay, the French can travel in Turkish territory with an identity card. A crossroads of Arab, European and Asian civilizations, Turkey has a culture of great wealth and endless natural beauty.
Cappadocia and its valleys carved by erosion are a real spectacle that one can decide to see from the sky, aboard one of the famous hot air balloons that roam the site throughout the year.


Gran Canaria, unexpected landscapes

10 Exotic Destinations To Visit Without Passport

It would be wrong to systematically associate the Canary Islands with a stay without surprise, the fingers of feet fan. If the archipelago is well known for its seaside resorts, it is also home to unexpected landscapes. On the island of Gran Canaria we discover the Maspalomas Nature Reserve,a mysterious field of sand dunes of 403ha which enjoys a unique ecosystem in the world. The Fataga Gorge, a large canyon of reduced size, are to be seen too. And for that, no need for a passport!


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