Discover Ifran In Morocco For Your Next Trip

Discover Ifran In Morocco For Your Next Trip


From the moment you arrive in Ifran, summer or winter, you will have an exceptional sensation of freshness.

You will discover a privileged and little-known place in North Africa: a small town with wide avenues, parks, villas of European style, chalets and hotels reminiscent of the Swiss Alps, a ski resort in winter , and a resort in summer.


If Morocco rhymes with Medina, crowd and oriental style, Ifrane is the exception that confirms the rule. Located at more than 1600 meters of altitude in the region of the Middle Atlas, this small town perched at the top of the hill has a small Swiss stamp which we adore. With its red brick roofs, its magnificent flower beds,With its lakeside parks and white winters, this small European-style town is often nicknamed “The Switzerland of Morocco. “


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Tourists are invited to forget the stress of big cities, and enjoy the silence and serenity that reign in the city: In winter to enjoy the snow, in spring to contemplate the flowers,in summer to escape the heat and in autumn to admire the trees with red, orange and yellow leaves. But also, to breathe fresh air!


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In the region of Ifrane, in the heart of large cedar forests, there is an abundance of springs and lakes. This ecosystem supports the habitat of many animal and plant species. On the road Azrou to the southeast, the volcanic region has a rocky landscape reminiscent of lunar craters.


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