Deep 25 Chernobyl Miniseries Quotes

Deep 25 Chernobyl Miniseries Quotes which is a horror five-episode story became the highest rated show on IMDb, Brings the Horror of the Nuclear nightmare to Life compounded by human arrogance and bureaucratic lies .

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  • To be a scientist is to be naive. We are so focused on our search for truth, we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it . – Valery Legasov

  • There is nothing sane about Chernobyl. What happened there, what happened after… even the good we did… all of it… all of it… Madness. – Valery Legasov

  • The truth doesn’t care about our needs or wants. It doesn’t care about our governments, our ideologies, our religions. It will lie in wait, for all time . – Valery Legasov

  • When the truth offends, we lie and lie until we cannot even remember it’s there. But it is still there. – Valery Legasov

  • Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, the debt is paid .-Valery Legasov

  • When the bullet hits your skull,what will it matter why?. – Charkov

  • I am, and I know what I’ve done. In a just world, I would be shot for my lies. But not for this. Not for the truth . – Valery Legasov

  • Why worry about something that isn’t going to happen? . – Charkov

  • And this, at last, is the gift of Chernobyl. Where I once would fear the cost of truth, now I only ask : What is the cost of lies?. – Valery Legasov

  • These are the ones who are dead. They died rescuing each other. Putting out fires. Tending to the wounded. They didn’t hesitate. They didn’t waver. They simply did what had to be done. – Ulana Khomyuk

  • To be a scientist is to be naive. – Valery Legasov

  • You came off like a naive idiot. Naive idiots aren’t a threat . – Boris Shcherbina

  • Scientists… and your idiot obsession with reasons. – Charkov

  • These men work in the dark. They see everything. – Boris Shcherbina

  • Strange. How the things we can’t see are the most dangerous. – Boris Shcherbina


  • They follow me. The KGB is a circle of accountability. Nothing more. – Charkov

  • But you know the old Russian proverb: “Trust, but verify.” – Charkov

  • because when it is your life and the lives of everyone you love, your moral conviction doesn’t mean a damn thing. It leaves you. And all you want in that moment is not to be shot. – Boris Shcherbina

  • We live in a country where children have to die to save their mothers. – Ulana Khomyuk

  • What for? You think the right question will get you the truth? There is no truth. Ask the bosses whatever you want. – Anatoly Dyatlov

  • You will get the lie. And I will get the bullet.- Anatoly Dyatlov

  • The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all.

  • All victories inevitably come at a cost. Sometimes we count this cost in rubles. Sometimes we count it in lives .- Michail Gorbatchev

  • They touch you. If it’s safe for them it’s safe for me. – Lyudmilla Ignatenko

  • I don’t want him to die alone. – Lyudmilla Ignatenko

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