5 Craziest Railroads In The World

5 Craziest Railroads In The World

This world is endowed with very charismatic and risky places at the same time. As humans have long been inspired by the surrounding landscapes, many of their buildings have followed the path of the improbable and the dangerous.

Trains are, since their installation, a more than practical way to travel quickly and safely.
While progress is being made in this direction on a regular basis, certain situations remain doubtful. There are railroads drawn in the most inexplicable places that are still functional.

5. Maeklong, the train market

A country as exotic as Thailand has more landscapes to offer than its paradisiac islands, its temples sublimated by the years or its animated city centers. The Maeklong Railway in Bangkok, the Thai capital, is as dangerous as it is fascinating.
It is for a good reason that it is forbidden to be on the way to a train. It is then logical that placing a local market next to still functional railways is totally foolish. Yet it is a place that exists and knows its own followers.

At the approach of a new passage, all the coordination that must be done to avoid the worst is to complete for a very limited time. Thus, merchants and street vendors ended up adopting a daily ritual that consists of erecting and dismantling their stands every time a train is scheduled.

These traders,
for the most part, have been on site for a very long time and their efforts are to be welcomed: deconstructing such a complex market in record time, several times a day, is a titanic job. However, the omnipresent distraction caused by the crowd does not help the situation and disasters can easily occur …


4. The Katoomba Scenic World5 Craziest Railroads In The World

Australia must be present in a ranking that addresses possible dangerous places. Scenic World itself is a peaceful amusement park that attracts visitors fascinated by its nature and its unique games starring the incredible Scenic Railway.


The Katoomba Funicular,The Scenic Railway or The Mountain Devil refers to the Blue Mountains in which the park is located in the state of New South Wales, not far from Sydney. It is by definition a vehicle on sloping rails, reassembled by a cable. The particularity of that of the city of Katoomba is precisely its impressive slope.
It holds the world record for the steepest slope with a 128% incline, the rails are then set at 52 degrees in an original mode of operation, challenging and strong sensations. Originally, the railway was built at the end of the 19th century to serve an industrial mining project,before being transformed into an attraction for the most courageous: the altitude drops over 300 meters and goes through a dark tunnel.


3. Chongqing Subway5 Craziest Railroads In The World

China is the land of paradoxes, architectural challenges and curiosities. The city of Chongqing in Sichuan province in the west of the country hosts a line of monorail strange enough, and the limit of madness.
The city was built in a zone with marked reliefs and is in any case overpopulated to afford a very extensive railway network. The solution was then simple, ingenious but far from easy to achieve: a line monorail mostly aerial. But here is another problem added to the batch,this time difficult to circumvent: the presence of a residential building on the initially planned route.


2. The Gisborne Railway

5 Craziest Railroads In The World
5 Craziest Railroads In The World

Railroad crossings are a fairly risky place at the base, but when they encounter an airstrip, it’s a strange and frightening scene right away. This is the case in New Zealand,at the Gisborne aerodrome whose runway is crossed by a railway. Here is a perfect example of space optimization in a country that does not have enough.
It goes without saying that no error is admitted in this place where the stress is at its peak between 6.30 am and 8.30 pm: The schedule of flights is limited to these hours, unlike trains that operate even during the night. During the meeting hours between the two means of transport,it is a work of synchronization and calculation that must be done to prevent any disaster.


1. The Dawlish Station5 Craziest Railroads In The World

No other singularity will be of interest compared to that of the Dawlish station. To think of anything other than boats and small ships at the edge of a quiet beach on the south coast of the United Kingdom seems to be impossible, and yet it is steam trains that replace all marine vehicles.

The Dawlish station is wonderful, but far from envied. Indeed, to see the many photos taken in this magical place, in parallel with train drivers who would not want to tackle the task, getting an idea becomes easier.
This landscape combining locomotive and raging sea is not tempting for many reasons. The local weather is a real challenge that presents considerable risks. In 2014, a section of rails collapsed by the action of extremely violent waves. As if the situation was not already defying enough,the vehicles must also cross a tunnel that burrows into winding cliffs.


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5 Craziest Railroads In The World

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