Countries provide its nationality at special and privileges’s prices

Countries provide its nationality at special and privileges’s prices

Many countries give their nationality to investors and peopl and actors in society with special features and different prices.

The phenomenon of buying foreign passports has recently begun to spread widely. In this regard, the Swiss authorities have set conditions for obtaining their nationality, the most important of which is the investment of US $ 250,000 and the country’s residence for 12 years, which is the longest period compared to other countries. Applications for citizenship every year

In return, Spain grants citizenship for US $ 187,000 in the form of an investment, in addition to the renunciation of the original nationality and the establishment of 10 years, while the Brazilian citizenship is estimated at 65 thousand US dollars, but the benefits of this country is exceptional, 153 countries without applying for an advance visa.

Paraguay has put the cheapest price in comparison to these countries, which is five thousand dollars, to get a residence for three years without leaving the country, after which immediately get citizenship, in contrast, Lithuania is buying a property worth 83 thousand dollars, and Ukraine is lenient in granting citizenship Provided that a company with a capital of US $ 100,000 is established.


It should be noted that many critics oppose this phenomenon, as a process to convert the settlement of a commodity sold and purchased, in return the number of those wishing to receive foreign nationality increases with the increase in the ability of States to grant them.

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