10 Beautiful Hotels and Also Cheap To Escape To

10 Beautiful Hotels and Also Cheap To Escape To


Difficult to find an Beautiful Hotels and place when to relax and not expensive at the same time ? Yet, that does exist! Here are 10 Beautiful Hotels and Also Cheap To Escape To immediatly :


1. Casa Elemento, Minca, Colombia: € 11

Beautiful Hotels

Mountain, sun, fresh air, nothing better than this hostel in Colombia. Campfire every night, barbecue on Sunday, it should be enough to convince you to visit that Beautiful Hotels .


2. Frida Garden, Tulum, Mexico: 10 €

Beautiful Hotels

Art, culture, sun, Mexico and Frida Kahlo. This is what you will find in this hotel where it is really good to relax! Especially that there is also a huge and beautiful botanical garden.


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3. F & F Hotel, Uruguay: 16.04 €

Beautiful Hotels

Pool, billiards, bar in the garden.Take a seat at this hotel is taking the risk of never leaving!


4. Good Vibes Bungalows, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia: € 24.39

Beautiful Hotels


Family atmosphere in private rooms, what more?


5. Hangover Hostels, Mirissa, Sri Lanka: € 11

Beautiful Hotels

this Beautiful Hotels offers to you Free breakfast and yoga in the morning, you will forget that you are in a hotel!


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6. Mad Monkey Backpapers Resort, Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia: 7.80 €

Beautiful Hotels

This Beautiful Hotels is on a private beach only accessible by boat. It should be enough to convince you!


7. Magnetic Island Base,Australia: 24 €

Beautiful Hotels

Corals, rainforest, pristine beaches, this hostel is in the middle of nowhere and everything at the same time!


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8. Selina Boscas del Toro, Panama: 16.39 €

Beautiful Hotels


Archipelago composed of 9 islands, jungle, banana plantations,what a change of scenery you need.


9. Smugglers Cove Beach Resort, Nadi, Fiji: 7.37 €

Perfect for relaxing this Beautiful Hotels is located on Wailoaloa Beach. Yeah that’s good, just the name of the beach you want to go there.


10. Tribu Hostel, Holbox, Mexico: 13 €

Beautiful Hotels

Flamingos, murals and traveling only in yellow golf cart. Ok, here we go!


So which one do you like the most?

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