The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

On the abandoned beach, shellfish and crustaceans … Summer is fast approaching and you are already thinking about your future swimsuit? We understand you! The Old Continent is full of splendid beaches to refresh you with the arrival of the beautiful days. Wild or jet set, towel or private sunbath: it’s up to you to make your choice! From Portugal to Greece via Germany and Italy, Petit Futé gives you its ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

10. Sylt Island Beaches – GERMANY:

The island of Sylt is the jewel of the Wadden Sea and the largest island in the Friesland archipelago. Its extensive sandy beaches and its almost lunar dunes know how to seduce even the most refractory to the jet-set atmosphere that reigns there. Because yes,Although Sylt remains the most secret resort because of its geographical position, it has welcomed a lot of people.

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe


9. Beaches of Ksamil – ALBANIA:

Albania is a country still unknown, and it is a pity! It contains sublime landscapes and still wild to discover. This is the case of the beaches of Ksamil, in the south of the country. In this little paradise, the water is clear and the climate is Mediterranean.
The islets that surround Ksamil are real small wonders that can often be reached by swimming! In short: make the most of it before the region sees tourism developing! 


8. Balos Beach and Lagoon – CRETE:

Balos Beach can only be accessed by boat or on foot via a rocky track. This is what makes all the charm of this place … Once there,paradise is open to you! The beach is separated into different lagoons all more blue than each other and bathing is a real treat.

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe


7. Irakli Beach – BULGARIA:

Irakli Beach is one of the few beaches in the Black Sea still to be preserved. Far from the major resorts and the ravages of human intervention in the region, it is still wild and home to a rich and rare fauna and flora. July 1st,
many Bulgarians and visitors gather there to celebrate the “July Morning” and spend the night by the sea waiting for the sunrise. Throughout the summer season the sand is occupied by several tents here and there … Irakli is indeed a real paradise for all those looking for alternative holidays,in a luxuriant nature.


6. Navagio Beach – GREECE:

Navagio beach is certainly the most beautiful in Greece. It owes its name to the shipwreck that took place there about twenty years leaving a ship abandoned on the sand. This old carcass gives a certain charm to the place and a wild look.
The gigantic cliffs that surround the beach allow you to rest in the shade in a spectacular setting. Navagio is accessed by boat mainly. 

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe


5. The “Spiaggia Rosa” – SARDINIA:

Between Corsica and Sardinia, the “Spiaggia rosa” is located on the isola di Budelli in the Maddalena Archipelago. The pink color of its sand is due to a microorganism that lives in the posidonia, a plant of coastal seabed. Since 1999,It is forbidden to bathe and dock along its waters in order to safeguard its particular ecosystem. You can still admire in the distance this landscape preserved during a boat trip. 


4. Praia da Marinha – PORTUGAL:

Located in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal, Praia da Marinha has been awarded the “Golden Beach” award by the Portuguese Government for its natural preservation. Its incredible ocher cliffs carved by erosion marry the crystalline colors of the sea. A marvelous landscape that calls for idleness …


3. Saleccia beach – CORSICA:

Saleccia is worth it: it can be reached by sea or by a rocky hiking trail. But once there we fall immediately under the spell of this pearl of the desert. Yes, the beach is in Agriates in Corsica, the last European desert. Here, everything is still wild …
So much so that the cows of the maquis come early in the morning to enjoy the transparent water and white sand. A real show! Saleccia seduces with its natural beauty and peacefulness. 


2. Cabo de Gata – SPAIN

In the province of Almería, in Andalusia, lies a fabulous site: Cabo de Gata. Succession of picturesque villages, volcanic lands and splendid beaches, the cape is ideal to discover the south of Spain. Among the many boroughs of the natural park that of “Las Negras” is unmissable.
This former fishing village is now a holiday resort from which you can reach “Agua Amarga” and its beaches and coves still virgin. 


1. Beaches of Stromboli – AEOLIAN ISLANDS:

Stromboli is one of the Aeolian Islands, off Sicily. Here, as in all the Aeolian archipelago, it is not long white sand beaches that you will find … but black sand! It is the volcanic activity of this area that makes its beaches so special.
And if the idleness does not tempt you too much, you can even start climbing the volcano! Stromboli and its special atmosphere will leave you hard to resist

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