5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life


The animal world is fascinating, and the nature cruel. When the environment decides to test all living species, only a few are able to stand out and survive through sophisticated techniques. In a world destined for the strongest, a small adaptation error costs the survival of a whole species …


5. The painted turtle

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life

This species of turtle is the most widespread in North America. Its unique appearance is not the only feature that distinguishes it: its adaptation to cold makes it one of the most robust species in the region.

These turtles are cold-blooded at the base.
But that still does not explain how their bodies can adapt to such extreme temperatures. After hatching in early fall, new baby turtles of other species make their way to the most suitable water source for the winter.


Painted turtles are the exception.
Living in a colder than average climate, they decide to spend the toughest time of the year in their nests. But even in this corner supposed to protect them, temperatures fall easily into the negative.
Their secret of survival? Prevent the formation of ice crystals by cooling their own blood by reducing their metabolic rate and energy requirements. Also, their relatively thick skin manages to retain the small amount of water present in their body, thus protecting them more effectively from the cold.
This process can take up to three days. After that, painted turtles also have the ability to resume their ideal temperature very quickly, according to Nature.


4. The alligators

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life

Alligators are sacred animals. Scary, but fascinating,an alligator has singular traits that make this creature one of the most feared, but also the most resistant. During the coldest seasons, alligators find their own trick to gain access to oxygen without freezing in the frozen ponds they take as habitat.
When the lake becomes too frozen to allow any movement, the alligators do everything to keep their snouts on the surface. Despite the immobilization of the major parts of their body, they still manage to breathe thanks to their infallible asset, according to Newsweek.

“It’s an absolutely amazing survival technique.
Said Shallotte River Swamp Park General Manager George Howard at WECT. “These guys have been around for millions of years and are still strong today. ” he added. When the temperatures become pleasant again, these impressive animals resume their movement and their life cycle.

3.The wood frog

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life


Taking into consideration their totally passepartout appearance, the wood frogs do not seem to possess a superpower. They look more like being sun-soaked all day and hiding somewhere when it gets colder.
But the truth is different. Despite their very porous skin, thus reacting strongly to the cold, these particular species of amphibians have managed to adapt a unique system by which they escape an assured freezing.

Cryoprotectants are their secret weapon. Through a complex and elaborate process,they manage to keep the cells protected and therefore the internal organs intact.

To survive under a layer of snow for at least two weeks, frogs use the accumulation of urea in their tissues and ensure that their liver can convert enough glucose from their glycogen reserves.
The ice that forms under their skin, which reaches their brain and the lens of the eye, causes them to dehydrate up to 60% of their organs during the first 12 hours of freezing, according to the Earth Touch News Network. The heart, the breathing and the various muscular movements are them, completely stopped …


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2. The arctic ground squirrel

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life

The arctic ground squirrel is one of those animals you’ll love to have as a pet, while it’s totally illegal. Beyond its air of child’s blanket,this rodent possesses properties peculiar to him that manage to hoist him to the rank of species most resistant to cold and extreme conditions.

At the base, this animal was not well started, because on the evolutionary level, the warm-blooded species have very little chance of surviving waves of intense cold.
Unlike other mammals, arctic ground squirrels do not use their fur coats and do not hibernate for a few months to survive.

He, his method is to freeze his brain by stopping all connections and nerve synapses.
In addition to maintaining their body temperature at -2.9 ° C, a record never beaten in other mammals, the cycle of their cervical freezing happens to be renewed every three weeks without causing damage to the vital functions of the small rodent.

1. The tardigrades

5 Animals That Can Freeze Completely and Come Back to Life

The tardigrades are, so far,unbeatable in terms of survival. Also called water urchins, for their characteristic appearance, these small species invisible to the naked eye are resistant to … almost everything.

During their different experiences,the scientists were determined to pass them various tests to make sure that the real leaders of the game are the tardigrades. They were not disappointed. The water bear has spent a lot of survival challenges: dehydration, radiation at lethal concentrations,extreme temperatures and worse: he survived the emptiness of Space.When all the materials we know stop moving, at a temperature of -273 ° C, the tardigrades still manage to survive. Boiled water, meanwhile, does not stop them.

According to a recent study,frozen tardigrades in 1983 were brought back to life. 30 years later, they came out of their dry state and continued their reproductive cycle. Researchers working on this exceptional species do not expect a quick or simple conclusion from their studies.


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