A Swiss Village offers 60.000 Dollars to Those who Agree to Settle There

A Swiss Village offers 60.000 Dollars to Those who Agree to Settle There

Swiss Village

The mayor of Arbignon in Upper Valais has decided to grant generous subsidies to any family who undertakes to elect residence for at least 10 years. Another constraint: you have to buy or build a home with a minimum value of 172,000 dollars.

Located in the alpine pastures of Upper Valais,the small village of Arbignon (Albinen in German) sees its population decrease each year. As indicated by the mayor of this German-speaking town of 240 inhabitants at the site 20 Minutes, three families left his territory this year. The municipality was therefore forced to close the communal school.

Rather than lamenting his fate,the population of Arbignon decided to mobilize. At the initiative of several young people from the town, a petition circulated in the streets of the small mountain town to ask the city council to establish a strategy to stop the departure of its inhabitants and attract new ones. . In response,the municipal council has devised a system of financial assistance accompanying the installation of new homes in the village.


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60,000 euros for a couple with two children
The Mayor of Arbignon, Beat Jost, tells our colleagues that the amount of this subsidy varies depending on the composition of the home. It plans to offer 21,500 dollars per adult and 10,000 Swiss francs (8,600 dollars ) per child.


A family of four,including two children, would thus receive 70,000 Swiss francs, or 60,000 dollars. With three children, a home would receive 80,000 Swiss francs, or 68,000 dollars. The financing of the operation would be provided through a specific fund credited each year with 100,000 Swiss francs (86,000 dollars).

As recalled by La Tribune de Genève,to benefit from this assistance, the families concerned must commit to live for at least ten years in Arbignon and to buy or have built their main residence for a minimum value of 200,000 Swiss francs (172,000 dollars). Finally, only people under 45 will benefit from this system,if the 240 inhabitants of Arbignon validate, at the end of November, during a popular vote the strategy of the municipality.

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