8 Places On Earth Without Any Laws

8 Places On Earth Without Any Laws


Deserted places, remote islands, abandoned villages or lands of international conflict: All these reasons push some territories to have no laws, thus seeing themselves obliged to deal with the meager means they hold to keep a minimum of social cohesion.
If modern society wants the state to be generally an integral part of our daily life today (public authorities, institutions, legislation, etc.), there are, on the other hand, places absolutely cut off from the world as we know it when the war reigns , misery and starvation for some, and total freedom for others.

Sometimes blessing, sometimes calvary, here are the 8 Places On Earth Without Any Laws :


8. The tribal regions of Pakistan

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

Officially known as FATA, these tribal areas are located on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
Lawless areas with an area of ​​more than 27,000 km², if administered by the federal government,they are not regulated by the Pakistani government: for example, these tribal areas can not go to courts or create political parties, for example.

As a result, this border area is completely abandoned by the government.Violence and tensions are very present and more than 5 million people are left to their own devices, facing terrorist groups, poverty and lack of obvious means.

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7. Western Sahara

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

Located in north-west Africa, Western Sahara is one of 16 areas considered non-autonomous by the UN for nearly 55 years.

Thus, from a legal point of view, this region is without administration and source of many international political conflicts, particularly between Morocco,the Polisario, Algeria or organizations such as the Arab League or the African Union: if Morocco and the Arab League claim Western Sahara as Moroccan territory, the African Union, Polisario and Algeria maintain that it deserves its independence or at least its right to self-determination.

Currently,some towns or villages in Western Sahara are under Moroccan control while 20% are administered by the SADR (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic) proclaimed by the Polisario Front.


6. International waters (or High seas)

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

International waters are all maritime areas that do not depend on countries.

Be aware that beyond 370 km, water is no longer the property of coastal states and is thus considered a public good: indeed, according to the Law of the Sea,States have an economic right to water only up to 200 nautical miles (called the Exclusive Economic Zone).

As a result, these international waters are defined in international law as “Terrae nullius”,that can be translated from Latin as “lands without master” or “No man’s land”: this legal status thus offers the possibility to all States to fish there, to circulate freely or to make scientific research for example.

Unfortunately, if the principle of international waters sounds simple at first glance,they are the source of many conflicts between states or continents, as is the case for the Arctic Ocean, which is considered as inland waters by Canada, Norway or even Denmark, but which on the other hand is proclaimed international for the rest of the world ( especially the United States and the European countries),or the Southern Ocean that only five states (notably Australia) deem to be Exclusive Economic Zone.


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5. Somalia

Places On Earth Without Any Laws


Located in East Africa, the political situation in Somalia has been particularly chaotic since the early 1990s: following the dissolution of the central government in 1991,a civil war has led many small groups to try to take control of the country through violence and terror that results in famine and misery, leaving the Somali people completely devoid of social cohesion, political or economic.
While part of the north of the country is still able to maintain some stability, the rest of Somalia is ravaged by the effects of piracy, war and poverty, which continue to claim victims.


4. The Balleny Islands

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

Located in New Zealand, the Balleny Islands form an archipelago of 400 km² and have the distinction of being totally uninhabited except by penguins and penguins.

Discovered in 1839, if the archipelago is indeed New Zealand,it remains nonetheless completely neglected by the government: iced throughout the year and volcanic type, the Balleny Islands are very rarely visited by tourists and unfortunately difficult to access.


3. Slab City

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

Located near Salton Sea Lake in Southern California, Slab City is a camp site in the heart of the desert.

If Slab City is so special, it’s because there’s no specific rule or social norm, whether campers are just passing through or living all year long.it does not include electricity, water, public services or institutions.

Cut off from the world and from modern society, Slab City offers its campers the opportunity to live in complete freedom, far from the system and without the Californian State having to intervene,which makes the happiness of the partisans of the anarchy and the hippie movements which live thus according to their desires and their political, economic or spiritual aspirations.


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2. Pitcairn Island

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn Island is 47 km² and has no more than fifty inhabitants to date.

Overseas British territory, the island is thus governed by the United Kingdom even if it is mainly autonomous.

Indeed,Pitcairn Islanders live mostly from the crafts, fruits and vegetables they grow and consume, and fish they fish off the coast of the island.

Pitcairn Island is the least populated jurisdiction in the world and is one of the territories considered non-autonomous by the UN: difficult to access,the island is isolated from the world and rarely attracts tourists despite the beauty of its different sites.

The way of life there is rather rudimentary and the population wants less and less numerous since the years 40: the native ones of Pitcairn leave the island to live elsewhere, to work or to finish their studies, without ever returning.


1. The Nutbush area in Tennessee

Places On Earth Without Any Laws

Located in the Southeastern United States in the state of Tennessee, Nutbush is an unincorporated area, that is, it is not administered by any local government nor is it considered as municipality.

However,It should be noted that the 259 inhabitants of Nutbush are administered by Haywood County.

In the United States, when a sector is only very sparsely populated or part of a rural region too remote far from the developed areas,it is then considered as an unincorporated sector to facilitate management from an administrative point of view, even if it has no legal status in its own right.


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