5 Of The Most Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

5 Of The Most Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors


If the beauty of Nature is no longer to prove, we can not remain insensitive to some of his creations. And among the best of all, there are some lakes with such bright and unusual colors that it’s almost hard to believe they really exist.
From Peyto Lake to Hillier Lake via Laguna Colorada, Mother Nature offers us shows that can only leave us admiring …


5. Champagne Pool in New Zealand

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

If one can actually translate its name by the “champagne pool”, it is however not a human creation: basin all that is more natural, Champagne Pool is located in the volcanic area of ​​Wai -O-Tapu in New Zeeland and wants to fluorescent green color.

Dubbed “devil’s bath”, its temperature reaches 75 degrees and its concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) reveals small bubbles on the surface, just like a glass of champagne. 
Obviously, given the heat that emanates from this 900-year-old pool,It is forbidden for visitors to approach too closely, but its color is so bright that it is easily identifiable, even from above.

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

Again, although intriguing, its green color is quite natural, caused in particular by the rise (nauseating) of the deposits of sulfur that it contains on the surface.
Regarding its biodiversity, we have very little information on this subject, except a few analyzes that have shown that Champagne Pool is inhabited by various microorganisms.


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4. The Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors


Located in the southwest of Bolivia, the Laguna Colorada is a small salty and spotted lake of about sixty square meters, at more than 4000 meters of altitude.

Red and white,it owes its astonishing colors to both red algae living in the lake and borax deposits that leave large white spots there. 

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

And to perfect this natural contrast absolutely out of the ordinary, you must know that the Laguna Colorada welcomes every year many flamingos of James,a very rare and threatened bird species that seems to have made it their home.


3. Peyto Lake in Canada

A true little paradise, Lake Peyto is of unparalleled beauty: its water is so pure that it reveals the rocks that line its bed more than 270 meters deep.

Located in southwestern Canada in Banff National Park,Lake Peyto is at the foot of the Waputik Mountains and the Peyto Peak Glacier: 5 km² of bright turquoise blue water at the edge of the fluorescent.

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

Although it seems straight out of a fairy tale, this color is due to thousands of mineral particles from the Peyto Peak glacier:
They pour into the lake during the summer and give it that almost supernatural color at the same time.


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2. Hillier Lake in Australia

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

South of Middle Island in Western Australia, in the middle of a eucalyptus forest, you can admire Hillier Lake: a body of water a little less than 1,5 km² bright pink color.

If the human being can swim without any danger, the reason for this more than singular coloring remains a real mystery.

So, some scientists thought that the water was not pink in itself, but that this color was simply due to pink algae that lived at the bottom of the lake.
This theory, as interesting as it may be, was quickly refuted: it is sufficient to take a small quantity of water from Hillier Lake to realize that it still retains its exceptional color.

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

Others think that it is a chemical reaction between the high salt content of the lake and the bacteria present in it: although this theory has not been refuted and is meant to be most likely, it has not been proven yet,leaving the scientific community in front of what is surely one of the most beautiful mysteries of this planet …


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1. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors

It is in the heart of the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, that we can meet the Blue Lagoon: a semi-natural spa with a turquoise milky and soothing.

Thanks to its ideal temperature (39 degrees),it welcomes many tourists each year who come to relax and join the useful to the pleasant: indeed, beyond its beauty, its water concentrated in sulfur and silica is recognized to improve the condition of some people who suffer from dermatological pathologies such as psoriasis.

As for its bluish color,it is allowed by the silicate minerals that are constantly deposited in the water over time.

Colorful Lakes In The World With Breathtaking Colors


But the particularity of this lake, in addition to its color, is surely its accidental design: in the 70s,the site now home to the Blue Lagoon was used to dump sewage from the new geothermal plant built nearby.

Unfortunately, the Blue Lagoon is only a shadow of itself in recent years: if it has long been considered one of the most beautiful thermal sites in the world,the cleanliness of its water today leaves something to be desired, so much so that it is now defined as almost as toxic as bleach.

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