5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires


Stinginess is a sin that many millionaires love to confess. However, a majority of them prefer to spend their property on things of general utility.

Some exceptions, all the same, take pleasure in building original structures that no one else would dare to have as a project.

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5. The aquarium as a fence of a manor

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

Owning one of the most beautiful villas in Çeşme, Turkey, was not enough for its owner Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu. Its already luxurious look and its eccentric dimensions made it a unique building,but the Turkish millionaire decided not to stop there.

To express his creativity, but above all to make money, he dared to do something that many others find exaggerated: build a real aquarium that forms a fence all around the manor. In 2005,the project went through architectural and technical challenges before finally materializing and achieving a result of the most expected.

50 meters long, the atypical barrier contains a hundred fish and octopus, enough to make the place a real tourist attraction. And that Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu quickly understood,since it imposed a security system consisting of 17 surveillance cameras to ward off the curious who would get too close.


4. Pirate Island

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires


This quirk is a perfect example of what the combination of wealth and passion can do. The owner of one of the most exceptional islands in the world has wished to remain anonymous, but echoes assure that it does not exceed the 40 years.
This mysterious person wanted to make speak his unconditional love of the world of pirates. Needless to say, his favorite world is “Caribbean Pirate”, and his favorite character is none other than Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.
It was just a private estate in Cambridgeshire owned by this pirates-minded unknown, before undergoing a radical transformation to become a special island beyond all the existing theme parks elsewhere in the world.

Challis Island, the lost island in the middle of a beautiful lake,includes a pub named Black Doubloo, a boat dock and even a waterfall, a lagoon and a beach. The Master Wishmakers is the company that took care of the realization of this dream certainly monumental, but how singular.


3. The giant chicken church

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires


5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires
5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

This is not a construction from a wacky book or a cartoon for a child, but a real curious and isolated building in the middle of the Indonesian jungle. Its owner, Daniel Alamsjah, in his sixties, had a whimsical idea that he immediately wanted to materialize.

According to him,he was working in Jakarta until the day he had a divine illumination: a message telling him that he had to build a prayer room in the shape of a dove. Yet the local name given to this unusual construction is Gereja Ayam, meaning Chicken Church.

After being touched by the divine blessing,the extraordinarily creative builder has also received an offer from the inhabitants of Rhema: a plot of 3,000 square meters for only two million rupees, the equivalent of a hundred euros. In 1994, he was responsible for the construction of what will become a rehabilitation house for disabled children,mentally handicapped and drug addicts in the region.

Due to lack of funding, the school closed in 2000 to make way for an abandoned place now visited by Buddhists, Muslims and Christians from around the world.
This building also attracts thousands of tourists who would be tempted by a special activity deep in the Magelang Hills in central Java.


2. The company whose headquarters is inspired by the STAR TREK universe

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

Nothing stops the passionate about technology, but when this passion joins that of a whole cinematographic world, it is necessary to give something extraordinary.
Websoft NetDragon game developers were not stingy on the $ 150 million budget to build Star Trek USS Enterprise desktops.

Liu Dejian, the founder of the company, shows an unparalleled enthusiasm for science fiction and futuristic technologies.
The layout of the business, which took 260 meters of the entire land, required more paperwork than budget.

For example, it required a reproduction license from CBS, the US communications network that holds rights to the Star Trek franchise.
This was necessary to be able to mimic all the little details of the NCC-1701-E, the spacecraft of popular fiction.

The administrations were delivered in 2014 and are located in Changle City, Fujian Province, China. Consisting of a metal slide of about ten meters,sliding doors and other futuristic elements, the offices are as impressive from the outside as from the inside.

Director Dejian is ranked 320th among the richest personalities in China according to Forbes.
This would explain how he could afford to order a life-sized replica of the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton discovered in 1987 in South Dakota.


1. Liu Chong Hua Castles in China

5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires


5 Most Bizarre Structures Built by Millionaires

The Middle Kingdom knows no bounds: a Chinese millionaire is determined to convert his treasures into something meaningful, magical and prestigious.

Having made a fortune in the field of restoration,Liu Chonghua’s goal is not to stop there and build 100 more castles to add to the decor of the first seven erected in Chongqing in southwestern China. According to his statements, he would like to build a house that would mimic Windsor Castle.
While he was raised in poverty and need, he managed to turn his life around and become one of the most influential people in his country. It is not difficult to understand how he can always believe in fairy tales.

His favorite inspirations are those in the Munich buildings,in the castles of the Loire Valley, as well as in the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. His wonderful world attracts more and more visitors just for the beautiful pictures they can take.

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