12 Totally Unknown Animals for Many People

12 Totally Unknown Animals for Many People

There is no doubt that platypus and pangolin are unusual animals, but they are well known to all. On the other hand, nature includes many creatures capable of inspiring admiration.

For example, a small deer that squeaks near the bark, a bearded wild boar,a fox with big ears and it’s only a tiny part of the animals waiting for you in this article. In the end, you will discover a resurrected bird after several hundred thousand years.

Cunning Bassaris

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 1

Creeping Bassaris live in the United States, Mexico and Central America, but because of their nocturnal lifestyle and extreme caution, this species of predator is poorly studied. Despite its feline behavior, close relatives of cunning bassaris are raccoons.
These animals are nice to watch, but not listen to: the howling and shrill cries they make can get you out of your hinges.


Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 12

The smallest deer in the world live in Chile. But, unfortunately, because of its small size,
pudu turns into easy prey for predators and hunters. The animal feeds on plants, but his favorite dish is seaweed, it picks them up on the coast. The consumption of this “dessert” causes a certain risk, this little deer must descend from the mountains, making it more vulnerable to hunters.

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Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 5

The protele is the nicest representative of hyenas. This animal does not feed on carrion, but termites and lives in the burrows abandoned by their previous inhabitants. Furthermore,Proteles are monogamous and faithful to their partner throughout their lives.


Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 11

The dhole is one of the few inhabitants of the mountains and is able to climb up to 4000 meters above sea level. The carnivore hunts wild artiodactyls and does not mix with domestic animals.
He is also known as “the singing dog of the mountain” because of the peculiar sound he produces. It does not sound like a normal howl, but rather a song. The dhole avoids the human presence and is not domesticated.

Yellow-throated marten

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 3

The yellow-throated marten is the largest and brightest representative of martens. Normally, these animals live indefinitely because they have no enemies. Predators are not interested in it because of its strong smell and people do not like its coat, despite its pretty color. It is rigid and unpleasant to the touch
. The only danger is the reduction of its place of life because of the clearing of the forest. The young species are easily accustomed to people and are not insensitive to sweets such as pears, nuts and honey.

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Barking deer

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 10

The barking deer is an omnivorous deer with the soul of a dog: it can bark and bite its predator. Males have fangs and small horns that are often used to conquer their territory and females. These deer do not know fidelity, on the contrary: they prefer to have a harem.

American porcupine

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 9

At the sight of a porcupine sitting comfortably on a branch, you will want to shout: “It’s spring! Hedgehogs have arrived! “. In reality, these animals live in trees and go down only to drink water. They are distinguished from pigs
usual epics by their small size, their shorter spines, but also by their ability to defend themselves: these animals are not afraid and they will not hesitate to say goodbye to their spines to launch against their enemy.

African Civet

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 8

The African civet is a universal predator that can feed small animals, carrion and even snakes. In addition, plants are also part of their diet. In case of danger, its size increases considerably by raising its coat.
This animal can be domesticated if you raise it from an early age.

Wild boar with mustaches

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 7

The whiskered boar is distinguished by its coat and slender silhouette (unlike the common wild boar). These animals are active during the day and live in groups.
Their migratory behavior is unique. Several hundred boars gather and make trips in search of food. They have a varied diet, it is composed of roots, insects and carrion. Frequently, they follow the monkeys to recover the fruits that are thrown to the ground by the primates.

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Cape Aardvark

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 2

The Cape Aardvark (or “land pig”) is the best burrower in the world, even on hard ground, it is able to dig a deep hole in minutes. The animal is discreet, but sometimes it takes the sun near its burrow. His place of life is also home to many animals,
especially the dhole, which was mentioned previously. The devil follows the Cape Aardvark with selfish intentions: the carnivore waits patiently for the latter to make his new home to enjoy it with his acolytes, he does not have enough strength to do it himself.


Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 6

The otocyon (or “bat-eared fox”) has 48 teeth, but they are small and its dentition is fragile. This peculiarity comes from the evolution of the species and the change of diet. Unlike other foxes, otocyons prefer insects and fruits rather than meat.

Peters Elephant Shrew

Totally Unknown Animals for Many People 4

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