The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World


If water is one of the most powerful elements of nature, waterfalls are the perfect representation of this fascinating and frightening force at a time. If Niagara Falls makes us all dream, know that our blue planet has other equally impressive masterpieces, often accessible at the price of a long hike. we compiled for you the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

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N ° 10 – Sutherland Waterfalls , New Zealand

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

These vertical falls, south of New Zealand, run for 580 meters. They are among the longest in the world. Located in a difficult area, they are reached after a 4-day trek on the Milford Track. The trip is long but you will have a good view. 


N ° 9 – Dettifoss Waterfalls (Iceland)

This is neither the largest nor the deepest but certainly one of the most impressive since with its flow of 200 m3 of water per hour, Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Located on the Jökulsa River in the northern Iceland desert,it is one of the most egregious examples of the beauty and strength of nature.


N ° 8 – Waterfalls of the angel jump, Venezuela

At a height of 979 meters, Salto Angel is the largest natural waterfall in the world. Located in the Canaima National Park in southeastern Venezuela, far from all civilizations, it is accessible after at least three days of canoe and an hour of walking in the virgin forest.


No. 7 – Havasu Waterfalls , United States

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World


Havasu Falls is located in Grand Canyon National Park. Here, the blue of the water blends perfectly with the red of the rock to offer a sensational decor. Located on the Havasupai Nature Reserve, the people with blue-green waters,these cascades are located 160 km from the first signs of civilization. It is therefore a protected place and its waters are even considered sacred by the tribes of the region.


No. 6 – Niagara Waterfalls , Canada / United States

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

Of all the falls, they are certainly the best known and visited. Summer and winter, many curious come to discover the famous Niagara Falls. Two of them are on American soil – American Fall and Bridal Veil Falls – and the last is in Canada – Horseshoe Falls.
It is since this last one that one has the most beautiful sight on its majestic waterspouts. 


N ° 5 – The Waterfalls of Plitvice, Croatia

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

Located between Zagreb and Zadar, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most incredible places in Croatia. Composed of 16 large lakes connected by more than 92 waterfalls and breathtaking waterfalls, the park is rightly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Surrounded by forests of spruce, fir and maple trees, rare animals such as bears or wild cats live in the countryside. 


No. 4 – Victoria Waterfalls, Zimbabwe

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one of the most impressive places in southern Africa. The water of the Zambezi flows here over a hundred meters and in a monumental crash. To discover the falls, go for the hike or prefer a flyover by plane.


N ° 3 – Iguazù Waterfalls, Argentina / Brazil

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

On the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls are surrounded by lush tropical fauna and flora where toucans and parrots reign supreme.
These 275 waterfalls extend for only 3 km and discharge 6 million liters of water per second! They are so impressive that they have served as a backdrop for many films like Miami Vice or Indiana Jones 4.


N ° 2 – Baatara chasm, Lebanon

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

Located in Tannourine, in the north of Lebanon, the Baatara chasm, nicknamed “chasm of the three bridges”, is a true marvel of the nature, deep of 240 m. To discover his main curiosity,
it is necessary to wait for the melting of the snows: wadi Baatara then forms there a cascade of 90 m of height which springs up behind three calcareous rock bridges. The show is striking!


N ° 1 – Kaieteur Waterfalls, Guyana

The 10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in The World

Few travelers visit Guyana and its wild forest … Yet in the west of the country, in the Kaieteur National Park, are certainly the most beautiful falls in the world. Located on the course of the Potaro River, they throw themselves from the top of a 230 m sandstone plateau. Surrounded by lush nature,they are in the image of this country still unspoilt tourism: to discover without further delay!


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